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Thread: A New Bendis Presents... Tom Breevort...

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    A New Bendis Presents... Tom Breevort...

    Marvel scribe Brian Bendis interviews creators in and around the comics industry.
    By Brian Bendis

    EDITORíS NOTE: This is the tenth interview in a series that writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Powers) conducted for Wizard Universe. His interview subject this time is editor Tom Brevoort, who began his career as an intern for Marvel Comics in the 1980s. Over time, he worked his way up through Marvel's ranks, serving as an assistant editor at one point and later as an editor himself. He currently serves as Marvel's Executive Editor, overseeing such major titles as the Bendis-scripted New Avengers and other high-profile projects such as Fantastic Four. He is also the editor for Marvel's immensely successful Civil War series and oversees many aspects of the overlapping, series-spanning event it has become. -RM

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    Re: A New Bendis Presents... Tom Breevort...

    this is one of my favorite of these. this is a very honest conversation you think would have happened in private but happened here.


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