here's the details from Mark...

The Kick-Ass auction just went up Friday night and closes Tuesday. As most of you know, this is your chance to be immortalized as a comic book and, most likely a movie and video-game too. I picked Wesley Gibson from two names on my bookshelf and there he is in the Wanted movie. Could it be you up there as the ultra-violent lead in next Spring's Kick-Ass?

Anyway, we started this charity auction Friday night and, I think, got lost a little behind Joe Fridays and the weekend (when traffic is slow). We're doing good at close to 1200 bucks, but I'd really like to see this ramped up a lot. It costs 2K to send a special needs kid from Scotland to China and I'd like to send a couple. I'm willing to make up some of the cash myself, but being a Scot I'd rather see you suckers do it. This is your chance to be the next John McClaine, people. Just don't have a fancy foreign name or I'm fucked

Cheers and thanks,