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Thread: We're back... again... maybe

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    We're back... again... maybe

    Please be gentle... The board is back up for now, but there are still a few database issues that I'm working on...

    If you are still encountering problems, try emptying your cache and deleting your cookies.

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    Re: We're back... again... maybe

    So what happens now? Well, funny you should ask. Now the system gets revamped. You overcome the glitches with the IPv4 by implementing the IPv6! This new (and seemingly improved) system incorporates both letters and numbers into the IP addresses allowing for nearly a zillion different combinations. That sounds amazing, I’m sure, but I’m also sure that the billion combinations offered by the IPv4 amazed once upon a time and you see where we are with that. So yes, for right now we are “safe” from collapse but I ask that you not get to comfortable here amongst your zillions. There will inevitably come a time when those letters and numbers will tap out and we’re back here at square one. Whatever will we do then? Incorporate symbols?! I wrote that in an attempt to be ridiculous but that just may be true. We are a people who don’t succumb easily to predetermined limits, instead we set new ones. When will we reach our ceiling? Is there a ceiling at all? For some reason I’d like to hope so

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    Re: We're back... again... maybe


    And now some random pics:

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