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Thread: Oeming has interview in new magazine!

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    Oeming has interview in new magazine!

    Severe Magazine Preview Issue Now Available

    (April 21, 2005): Severe Magazine, a new nationally distributed pop
    culture publication with a strong focus on the comic book industry, is
    pleased to announce that the April Preview Issue #0 is now available to
    the public in the Shop at www.severemagazine.com. The issue, which
    features actress Leelee Sobieski on the cover and is a sampling of what
    future issues of Severe will offer readers, costs only 1 cent through
    Paypal, plus shipping.

    Along with Sobieski, the Preview issue also includes sneak peaks at future
    Severe regulars, as well as interviews with artists Greg Horn and Michael
    Avon Oeming, and bands Switchfoot and Poison.

    "We don't officially launch until September 2005, but we wanted to give
    people something to look forward to with Severe," says editor-in-chief
    Jason M. Burns. "The Preview Issue is a tease for people and we think it
    should give readers a good idea as to what Severe Magazine is all about."

    Severe Magazine's Web site offers daily updates in the form of comic
    strips "Dandy & Company" and "The Down Side," as well as regular features
    like "Artist of the Week" and "Comical Reviews."

    For more information on Severe Magazine or to order your copy of the
    Preview Issue #0, visit www.severemagazine.com.

    For readers, Severe Magazine is always on the look out for interesting
    story ideas, comics to review or bands worth the attention. All inquiries
    can be mailed to info@severemag.com.

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    Re: Oeming has interview in new magazine!

    Its a cool mag!
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    Dear Mike,



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