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Thread: Spoilers for Ultimate Spider-man 98

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    Re: Spoilers for Ultimate Spider-man 98

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeE
    Ultimate Gwen (clone?) = Ultimate Spider-Woman. I'm calling it.
    Would be interesting, but how would the clone of gwen have spider powers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Moshikal
    I think it's the first time an ultimate character retuns form the dead...
    technically didnt hammerhead die before appearing in ult spidey?

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    Yes, Nick Spencer won after all....

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    Why is there a new thread? WHAT'S GOING ON! And who is captain sensation?
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    Best. Reply. Ever.

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    Captain Sensation wins the internet for today.

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    Re: Spoilers for Ultimate Spider-man 98

    Maybe they used some of Peter's genetic material.

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    Re: Spoilers for Ultimate Spider-man 98

    art spoilers!!!!

    they booed? that's hilarious!!


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