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Thread: She-Hulk #12 Solicit and Cover (SPOILERS)

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    She-Hulk #12 Solicit and Cover (SPOILERS)

    SHE-HULK #12
    Written by DAN SLOTT
    Penciled by RICK BURCHETT
    Cover by GREG HORN
    On the moon of Titan justice appears to be infallible. All matters are weighed by the impartial supercomputer, Isaac. And all testimony is telepathically pulled from the witnesses’ minds by MOONDRAGON. It seems like the perfect system, right? That’s what SHE-HULK is there to find out. But can she remain impartial, given that the defendant is someone she’d like to snap in two? It starts here: the final fate of the fallen Avenger, STARFOX!
    Special appearances by THE LIVING TRIBUNAL, PIP THE TROLL, and... THANOS?!
    32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

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    Re: She-Hulk #12 Solicit and Cover (SPOILERS)

    That cover's just cosmic-level awesome. Huge embodiment of justice, Saturn in the background, She-Hulk lookin' damn yummy in her Magistrati gear, the upward angle... It's a cover that says 'big' in, well, big letters. And the colours are very well-chosen, the emerald green and purple and gold - it works just as shapes and colours, quite beside the actual content of the image. Great!

    And I like how it's her cape-thingy blowing across to preserve the Living Tribunal's modesty, keeping up the 'no pants' joke.

    No surprise that the Starfox plot is returning, but I'm glad to see She-Hulk's Magistrati status is still in play too. I didn't mind her returning to Earth and Earth-based courts, but it's good to see that the potential for 'superhuman law' is still there. There's endless opportunities there for a smart writer (i.e. Dan) to use it not just as an excuse to get into space, but to really mine it for intriguing situations, as the write-up suggests. The 'perfect system', huh? This will be interesting.


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