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Thread: SHE-HULK #8 (CIVIL WAR issue) gets a 2nd printing & a NEW cover!

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    Exclamation SHE-HULK #8 (CIVIL WAR issue) gets a 2nd printing & a NEW cover!


    I've known for a little while now-- but good "company boy" that I am, I've been keeping my mouth shut.

    But guess what? Cat's out of the bag. And you can read about it in NEWSARAMA'S NEW JOE FRIDAYS...

    Here's the actual quote, courtesy of Marvel's David Gabriel, for those of you with better things to do than click on a link...

    "What I can tell you is that despite massive overprints everything Civil War is selling outů and not just at Diamond, at retailers levels as well. Check eBay for prices on books like She Hulk #8."

    "Civil War #2 has gone back to press with the famous 'press conference' cover and now I am happy to say we'll be doing second prints with new covers for the following: New Avengers Illuminati Special, She Hulk #8, Thunderbolts #103, Amazing Spider-Man #532, and Wolverine #42. These second printings will not feature the popular trade dress on the first printings, so demand for those issues will continue to increase. San Diego will be interesting this year, to see the number of retailers selling copies of the first and second prints. And for those of you disbelievers, we are not planning to do second printings for all Civil War books, this decision was made after much internal discussion involving a cool cover concept, as well as gathering lots of retailer feedback on the need for more copies. Many retailers are proclaiming this the best selling event ever...that's a lot to live up to."

    So there you have it! Huzzah!


    I can't wait to see what you guys think of THING #8! I'm REALLY happy with how that issue came together. Kieron, Laura, Dave... EVERYBODY did an AWESOME job! This really is one of my favorite comics that I've worked on all year!

    And I'm also really happy with EVERYTHING on SHE-HULK #9! I honestly think that this is our silliest issue since Vol.1 #4. If PAGE 7 doesn't get a chuckle out of you-- consult a physician. Seriously.
    And yet there are a LOT of big "reveals" in this ish! Major turning points! Big stuff! (Oh, and it plays into CIVIL WAR too-- for all you CW fans!)

    Pages are in on SHE-HULK #10-- and they are MIGHTY sweet! When you guys see the last page... when something MAJOR happens to one of the regular cast... well... Love it or hate it-- I'm sure you'll all have an opinion on it!


    Sorry I haven't been around here all that much. I've been really overwhelmed by work and am doing my best to get caught up-- and then (hopefully) ahead!

    Speaking of which-- I've got a TON of work to do from now till Monday. Lots of plot, lots of script, and... well... a secret-y thing to scribble down some notes for... More on that later (if all goes well)...

    Like I was saying-- back to the salt mines. I'll try to pop by the week after (which includes my birthday btw) to answer your questions and keep you all up to date!

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    Re: SHE-HULK #8 (CIVIL WAR issue) gets a 2nd printing & a NEW cover!

    Sold! That'll be neat, one CW-style #8 to put in with my CW comics, one full-image cover (I'm assuming) to go with the She-Hulk ones. That'll keep my obsessive-compulsive-radar from firing every time I try to rearrange my comic shelf. Hopefully the even-further-enlarged run of #8 will result in even more readers for the book long-term.

    (And perhaps the sell-out may have led to more readers not just trusting that the book will be available on shelf, and adding Shulkie to their pull list, that just occurred to me.)

    Silly issue? All for that. I loved the Spider-Man crossover. I'm hard-pressed to think of things that make me laugh more than " because I'm black."

    Major happening for regular cast, lemme see, what could this... oh my goddess, Mallory's pregnant! Hmm, will the baby have a square head? Ouch. Cesarian please.

    With regards to Thing.. well, I admit, I was going to wait for the trade. Stu would not approve But I'm being sorely tempted to pick up #8 and see if I can track down all the others in back-issues...

    I had a bizarre thought (while I was flipping through Single Green Female working out what 'Vol.1 #4' was - I remember the stories fine, I just forget what issue number they happen in) - Whiz Kid one-shot. No battles or villains, just a kind of comic book sitcom - to see what it's like for superpowered people who aren't saving the world (or at least haphazardly trying to, like the GLXers). Does WK hang out with the other mail-room speedsters after hours? For that matter, do speedsters and super-strength-ers and shoot-energy-beams-from-hands-ers hang out together, or do they have their own cliques? Do they carpool, or just jog to work in half a second? Is it tough to stay in shape without breaking treadmills?

    (Why Whiz Kid? I dunno, she's cute, why not?)

    Edit: Aaaand, I managed to forget that. Happy birthday!
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    Re: SHE-HULK #8 (CIVIL WAR issue) gets a 2nd printing & a NEW cover!

    Happy Birthday Dan


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