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Thread: David, please send a check payable to...

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    David, please send a check payable to...

    A lady came into the shop this past week asking about The Art of David Mack book. I told her this wasn't released yet, but that you were currently working on Alchemy and I showed her your other trades. I mentioned to her that I went to your gallery showing in NKU. She LOVES your art and wound up picking up Dreams, Metamorphosis and the first two issues of Alchemy. She came back later that day with her daughter before closing and picked up the rest of the issues and Skin Deep. Thanks for the sale man! Keep up the great work.

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    Re: David, please send a check payable to...

    Hey, Denny!
    That is great!

    Next time you see her and her daughter give them my thanks and regards.

    And give my props to you and your store too!

    Way to go.
    That is how you do it.
    I hear all these dopey stories from people looking for my work in a store where they tell me they come into the shop and ask for a book, and the dude just says, "Uh no I don't have that one" or "I don't know" or "we already sold out".
    And instead of reordering or looking for something, that is the end of it.
    It is like the stupidest thing you can do and say.

    And here you are doing the right thing. You have a new customer, and instead of just saying its not out yet, you go and show here what you do have and what is coming out, and what came out, and will be coming out.

    That is great for everyone.

    Give yourself my own special retailer award.

    You the man.
    Thanks for that.
    davidmack.com & davidmackguide.com (updated daily with news)


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