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Thread: Help finding old video/audio on the Web

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    Help finding old video/audio on the Web

    I have always considered myself an above-average Google navigator. Even my friend who is a high-level uber-geek has complemented my on my ability to find things on the net.

    But there are two things that have eluded me for years:

    1) MegaSeuss -- "Green Eggs and Ham."
    MegaSeuss was a hard rock band from 1993 who turned Dr. Seuss' GE&H into a hard rock song. It was played on the air locally in Portland, OR by Bill Prescott, the morning DJ on KUFO and was released on a CD from a local station in another state: "WPDH The Worst of the Wolf 1." The estate of Ted Giesel stepped in and it was never heard of again.

    2) There was a blooper show on FOX years ago that showed a clip of an Australian Kid's show where a guy in a koala suit keeps getting attacked by a live kangaroo brought in by a park ranger/zookeeper type. The first two takes, the Kangaroo keeps hugging the poor bastard in the koala suit, bowling him over, and starts tearing the stuffing out of the koala head. The third and final take, the kangaroo just sucker-punches the Koala head, completely caving it in. Funniest blooper I've seen in years.

    Since I am new here, and there is a big audience, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask: Does anyone know of anywhere on the net where I could find these files, regardless of quality or file type?


    Dr. Ω

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    Re: Help finding old video/audio on the Web

    I did a quick search for both, and wasn't successful. I never thought it possible, but those just may be too obscure for the internet.


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