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Thread: Kabuki size

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    Kabuki size

    Over on the BB they were talking about how Manga is outselling American by a large margin lately and how the Sin City trades started selling better when they shrunk the size of the book, not to the size of a manga graphic novel but kind of an inbetween.

    Well it got me thinking. Have you ever thought about publishing Kabuki trades in the Manga sized format? It seems that Kabuki would be the perfect choice. It would pretty much fit right in with the other books and probrably have Manga fans check it out. YOu have a large female audience already like Manga does and the Asian influence of your work would only help.

    Tap into that demographic!

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    i'd buy 'em. i only have a few kabuki singles and just haven't ever ponied up the money to get all the trades. i'll probably get them directly from him if i get to see mack at another con... or if he comes to the con i'm helping organize here in b'ham for 2006...
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    due to the detail of the work, this might not be possible. it might be too much for the eye..

    but then again comics that look like novels appeal to the masses


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