Hey everyone, I hope it's cool that I post here, but as a friend of the Amano family I hoped I could get away with it...

Anyway, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, GROUNDED about a kid who gets sent to a high school for where everyone has powers but him. If the plot sounds familiar a) don't worry, my lawyers are on it, and b) I guarantee you, the execution is not. It's got superheroes, but it's more in the vein of Rushmore and Freaks and Geeks. It's worth checking out for the art by Paul Azaceta (and colors by NYC Mech's Nick Filardi) alone.

We got a great reaction in San Diego, and so far the reviews have been fantastic: http://www.thefourthrail.com/reviews/critiques/070405/grounded1.shtml

There's a funny story about Brian Bendis on the letters page in the back.

If you are Mike Oeming fan like myself, I hope you'll check out the book since Mike did an amazing job on the cover (the cover is something of an homage to Batman's "Death in the Family", which was drawn by the late, great Jim Aparo, who passed away today. I hope it's more of a fitting tribute than a sad irony).

Most importantly, I saw David today and he told me he liked how my book looked, at least...have to figure he has good taste in artwork, right?

I'd love to know what you all think about it.