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Thread: Welcome back to Batgirl, Gail!

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    Welcome back to Batgirl, Gail!

    So glad to hear the news!

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    Thank you! I am as surprised as anyone! Yay!

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    Re: Welcome back to Batgirl, Gail!

    Welcome back! Like I said in that other thread, it just would not be the same without you.
    Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but if you sit back and relax you get a heck of a ride.

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    Re: Welcome back to Batgirl, Gail!

    WhiteRose works fast.

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    Re: Welcome back to Batgirl, Gail!

    Welcome back Gail! Really glad you're still on the series. ^^

    I really wonder, given what they did to Cassandra Cain in One Year Later, how they "killed" Stephanie Brown in War Games, and now what they did to Gail two weeks ago, will DC ever learn that they should NEVER eff around with Batgirls, or the wonderful people who write them? Because their fans are the loyalist and most rabid out there. XD I'm proud to include myself in that classification.


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