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Thread: Did you know that I am...

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    Did you know that I am...

    the go to guy to write Letters from Santa here in my little neighborhood?

    Yes, what started as a single letter from Santa to my niece grew into a different letter for each holiday featuring interconnected continuity from previous letters with different characters both cribbed from other sources and completely made up ones as well.

    Well last year, a friend of the family had a nephew who wanted a rocking horse for Xmas. My mother had one so she got it cleaned up and gave it to them to give to him. But she asked me to write a letter from Santa to go with it. So I did.

    Well this year, the now 4 year old boy wanted a real horse for Xmas. Of course, he's not getting it but they wanted a letter from Santa for him telling him why it wasn't a good idea for him to get the horse this year.

    I wrote it today at work and TOTALLY rocked it.

    I worked in an example of knowing that he said "Bah Humbug!" when told to go to bed recently and references to a phone conference on the Santa Hotline with his mom and aunt. All sorts of stuff.

    My mom and others want me to do more of this stuff but I don't think it is something I could do in a full length type of story.

    Who knows, maybe I'll try someday.

    Some of the original and made up characters and events I've worked into the letters for my niece included:

    Princess Ramona, ruler of the Land of Peppermint Reindeer
    Melvin M. Milk Chocolate, president of the M&M Little Buddy Department
    James T. Bear aka Rewards Bear from Care-A-Lot (yes I ripped that off), president of the Stuffed Unlimited Friend Foundation
    Herbert Bear, President of the North American Association of Irish Bears
    The Easter Bunny (of course)
    Santa Claus (of course)
    Vinnie Valentine, the official Valentine Substitute
    Patrick O'Malley, chief aide to Brian, King of the Leprechauns
    Chester B. Rabbit, Chief Egg Painter at the Easter Land Egg Factory

    I even wrote a first edition newsletter called The Bearville Times when I sent her a new teddy bear once and made up the entire staff of a publisher, an editor, a reporter and gave it a place of operation.

    This is what happens when I have too much free time on my hands...
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    Re: Did you know that I am...

    Okay, that just rules.

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    Re: Did you know that I am...

    Here's the letter I wrote for this year:

    From The Desk of Santa Claus

    Dear Myles

    Good morning and a very Merry Christmas to you.

    As I write this letter to you, I'm once again preparing for the big trip my reindeer and I have to make in just a few more days. We've been really busy this year getting everything made, wrapped and into my big red bag and stuffed into Santa's sleigh. The elves are once again doing a great job making sure that all the letters we get from each little boy and girl get read and checked against the Naughty and Nice List.

    And that brings me to you, Myles. I don't know if you remember but I told you about my head elf Max last year. He was in charge of the Naughty and Nice List. Well Max has, like your "Mum Mum", retired. There are now two new elves in charge this year, brothers Bernie and Ernie. They told me that you wanted a real horse for Christmas this year.

    "What a great idea," I thought to myself when they told me about your request. I had to use the special Santa Hotline to call your mom and talk to her about it. I know you liked Wonder the Wonder Mare last year and since you've been a pretty good boy over the last year, we had to decide if this was a gift we could give you. Everyone here at Santa's Workshop got to talk about your request with your mom. And though we are sure that you would love a real horse, your mom and the rest of us decided that, for at least this year, we can't give you the horse. And you know how it is with moms, right? When they say no, that's the final say in all things. I mean, Mrs. Claus tells me "No!" all the time when I want to have an extra couple helpings of her figgy pudding.

    You see Myles, a horse is a really big gift that comes with a whole lot of responsibility. It takes a lot of work to take care of a horse and you need a really big place to keep the horse too. You are just four years old right now and it wouldn't be right to make you have to take up such a big job such as taking care of a horse. Now that doesn't mean you couldn't have a horse someday when you are an older boy. When we talked to Mr. H. Back of the Christmas Horse Saddle Club about the possibility of you getting a horse to come and live with you, he liked the idea but said that you should be older as well instead of the little guy you are right now.

    Well, it is time to wrap up this letter to you Myles. The Christmas Carol Cuckoo Clock just sounded, which means it is back to getting more toys ready for special kids like you. Edwina, the assistant to Mrs. Claus, just brough in my Santa suit. I have to go out and be a judge for the Reindeer Games for a little while now. Rudolph and Clarice's little buck Travis is taking part for the first time this year.

    So while your mom and I decided that a horse isn't the right gift for you this year, I still think you will enjoy the gifts you did get. I know that if you continue to be a good little boy, someday maybe you'll get that horse. Of course that means no more shouting "Bah Humbug!" when you have to go to bed, okay?

    I'm off to sneak some of the world famous Mrs. Claus snickerdoodle cookies now. Myles, Santa wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And please tell your sister Grace that I wish her the very same things.


    S. Claus

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    Re: Did you know that I am...

    Awww.... Cool.


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