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Thread: Favourite foreign language movie

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    Re: Favourite foreign language movie

    Azumi 2 (probably my two favorite ninja films)
    Shinobi no Mono (probably the most realistic ninja film...more spying, less superpowers)
    Irreversible (Memento, minus any sense of restraint)
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    Re: Favourite foreign language movie

    Quote Originally Posted by Karen El View Post
    Only with decent budgets and some nice cgi. It's the only time the Mothra girls get any personality (and an evil third sister), and for my money, Mothra 3 has the best rendition of the Mothra song, even if the plot doesn't completely make sense.

    ETA: wait, when you say 2005 you mean the 1996/97/98 trilogy? Or are there more recent Mothra films that I, and IMDB are unaware of?
    I guess so. . thought they were way more recent than that!
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