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Thread: So I read the nu52.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Quote Originally Posted by dmh3000 View Post
    I'm still proud to say I haven't touched a single book of the New 52 and have no plans to until 2014 or they go back to the post-crisis universe before that. It's my rule with the big crossovers that I don't buy them until it's too late for my money to encourage more production of them. It's the same here.

    Sure, one person doesn't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it's the principle of the matter. I will not support trends I hate.
    What crossover are you talking about?

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Hi Jae.

    good to see ya!

    I've read only a few of the "Nu53" from picking up the trades (cheap) on Amazon.

    thought the Legion ones were terrible -- which was shocking to me, as I'm a huge legion fan, and was expecting to at least *like* them.

    Azrello's Wonder Woman was just OK.

    actually, the only one I kinda even have liked was the Joker/Face arc of Detective.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    How could I forget Shade? Shade was awesome.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Animal Man was pretty awesome until it just grinded to a halt to wait for Swamp Thing to play catch up for the Crossover.

    Batman Inc continued to be solid.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    I think this is easily the best run on "Wonder Woman" since Rucka left.

    "I, Vampire" as others have mentioned is just excellent.

    I've really enjoyed "Demon Knights" and "Justice League Dark" as well.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Prior to New 52 my only DC titles were Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey. Now they are gone too.

    Marvel got me back after 20 years with Civil War. Not the best story ever but it got me hooked in. I can see why the Iron Man fans hated it though.

    Azzarello writes Wonder Woman great most of the time, in terms of the character. Its the overall story I think is awful. #7 left me gagging. #12 was the last issue I spent money on.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Because of The New 52 I know what Mitt Romney felt like on election night. Based on his own skewed internal polls, Mitt and his staff thought he had the election in the bag. He was so confident he bought fire works, didn't have a concession speech prepared etc.

    Well due to the consensus on the message board, I thought the New 52 was going to be a total flop. Like Mitt, I was defeated by reality. Even if Marvel Now restores things back to the status quo of two years ago, the New 52 has been an unqualifed publishing success story and those are very rare these days espically in the print media.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    I only ever read a single issue of the Birds of Prey, the first volumes of Batgirl & Wonder Woman, and several issues of Demon Knights.

    Birds of Prey, I wasn't really familiar with before, so it left me kinda cold.

    Wonder Woman had pretty solid character writing and a lot of neat plot concepts, but the execution was pretty meh.

    I personally loved Batgirl. I think Gail took something tat could have been really really terrible and made something incredibly entertaining.

    And Demon Knights... Demon Knights is just awesome.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Adding to Demon Knights, I, Vampire. JL Dark. Animal man and Shade.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Before the reboot, I was getting something like 25 DC titles.

    I think I get 6-8 now, and, for the first time in my decades of comic reading, have dropped Teen Titans as of this week.

    Tastes vary, and I will never tell else what they should or shouldn't like. I am well aware the comic reviews I write are opinion only. But I must admit, I don't like much, if anything about the DCNU. I can't remember the last time I wasn't getting Justice League, I had every Birds of Prey appearance from the very first on to about #8 of the reboot, which is when I couldn't take it anymore. I find the loss of overall DC history sad, and I can't think of a single change they've made that I like.

    But that's me. For those that like it, more power to you.
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