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Thread: So I read the nu52.

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    So I read the nu52.

    Not Impressed.

    I caved and pretty much qued out my holds in the library with nothing but the nu52, first wave of course. Honestly, I felt like JLA was a rejected Avengers script. I didn't really like it, and honestly I thought it was a piss poor attempt at "Marveltizing." It's just my opinion, please remember that.

    I didn't get even half way through Batgirl before putting that down.

    Didn't touch Birds of Prey because I'm a loyalist of a Gail Simone BoP.

    I thought Wonder Woman was okay and will be picking up the second trade once its out.

    Swamp Thing yes all here who said it was good yes, yes it was. One of the rare spotlights of interesting in the first wave, and Static felt kind of flat. Maybe because, I don't know what it is but it's missing something and it didn't really feel like Static. It felt like someone's lame attempt to write a black kid's dialogue without even recognizing that it's Static not some other character pretending to be Static.

    Batwoman again one of those bright moments in the darkness that is the nu52.

    Over all not even the Bat books were that great to me and anyone here who knows me, knows I'm a Batfamily fanatic.

    Anyway just my opinion and I hope you guys can recommend some more nu52 books for me.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Your likes here seem sort of same-y as mine so I'll recommend Demon Knights. Really surprised me by how enjoyable it was, and is easily my favourite of the new 52 books.
    Also Dial H is pretty awesome, and a lot odd.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    I say give OMAC a shot, you can get the whole series in a single trade. I've heard good things about it. Also, the problems with static you mentioned are because Co-Writer John Rozum was having issue with his editor and artist/co-writer Scott Daniel.

    Also, from books I have not read but have heard good things of, I say check out I Vampire, Any of the books by Jeff Lemire (frankenstein, Animal Man, Justice League Dark) The Flash (Francis Manapual is a really good artist and delivers top notch art for the scarlet speedster). Plus, I would get Action Comics #9, a great self contained story about a alternate universe superman who is the president.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    In general, my rule is that if it didn't need the reboot to work, it's great.

    If it did need the reboot to work... Then the next question is whether Morrison or Manapul did it. Followed by whether Geoff Johns or Gail did it.

    The stuff I find dubious is the stuff written by people with a history of working for Bob Harras and no history of working for DC.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Yes, Demon Knights is very good.

    How's it going Jae?
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Demon Knights and All-Star Western are the bright spots. And Bunker alone almost makes Teen Titans worthwhile(YMMV). Other than that, though...
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Demon Knights, I'll see if the Library has it if not I'll suggest it as a purchase and wait for it just like three of the trades I mentioned.

    I like Manapaul but I'm not so keen on what they did to Barry with his Mom, etc just kinda rubs me off he didn't need fixing. He was fine before Geoff Johns wanked off all over him, pardon my inappropriateness.

    Hi Corrina, doing good, working away on my own script and novel.

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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Namkyoung View Post

    I thought Wonder Woman was okay and will be picking up the second trade once its out.
    Ha! I thought it was great until issue seven. Then, well, apparently the new 52 is all flies and they can't help heading for shit eventually. And Jesus did WW head for the shit hard.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    I'm still proud to say I haven't touched a single book of the New 52 and have no plans to until 2014 or they go back to the post-crisis universe before that. It's my rule with the big crossovers that I don't buy them until it's too late for my money to encourage more production of them. It's the same here.

    Sure, one person doesn't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it's the principle of the matter. I will not support trends I hate.
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    Re: So I read the nu52.

    I'll second Dial H. It's the most inventive of the New 52 and has really found its stride with the past few issues.

    I, Vampire is a great book. Probably the most consistantly good throughout its run next to Wonder Woman for me.

    Animal Man was the early standout of the line. It's slowed down considerably since its first few issues while it waited for Snyder's Swamp Thing to catch up for "Rotworld", but definitely check out The Hunt.

    Giffen and Didio's OMAC was a blast.

    James Robinson's The Shade wasn't technically part of the New 52, but it was downright excellent.


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