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Thread: 30 Day Writing Challenge

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    30 Day Writing Challenge

    Hi All

    I have decided to do a 30 day writing challenge and would love for you to join me. Here are the rules:

    “Every single day, write something for 30 minutes or one full page. That’s it. If you write for 30 and go over a page— awesome. If you can only eek out one page— beautiful. You did something. This is for your blog, essay, book, whatever! Any writing that you need, want or have to do this is the time to start or complete it. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar (as I clearly don’t) that can be taken care of in editing. Right now, just write. Write now.”

    I decided to start a blog to help keep me on track and thought having a few of my fellow boarders join in would be even better. I would love for people to start blogs or post things on here or even share things with each other privately. The key just is to write. It can be anything. Plays, screenplays, comics, short stories or novels, I dont care! Just write!

    I hope I get to read other people's work. Good luck everyone!

    My blog is:

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    Re: 30 Day Writing Challenge

    I think this is a great idea - good luck with it! I'm already signed up for NaNoWriMo for this month, but imagine me standing on the sidelines & cheering you on with your own writing challenge.



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