The current Superhero market has abandoned younger readers, particularly young girls. There’s no female equivalent to a character like Ben 10 right now, and I think Molly fills a gap. Girls like superheroes, they like action and adventure, but they also like characters they can empathize with.
- Jamal Igle

So, with Kelly Sue's blessing, here's a plug for a Kickstarter I feel strongly about. I don't think this forum is necessarily the place for lots of this kind of thing, but... I just want these books to get made SO badly.

I honestly think Molly Danger is the kind of heroine our kids (or nieces and goddaughters, in my case!) need. I have nothing else invested in this other than wanting to see it get made. Jamal seems like a great guy (and I personally loved his run on Supergirl) and his video intro on the Kickstarter page is heartfelt and touching. I've backed the project, and to be honest I'm broke again at the moment so I couldn't go with the level I'd like to. Even if you can only throw in a few dollars, please give it a look.

Interview with Jamal Igle

Kickstarter project page