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Thread: Pretty deadly!!!!

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    Pretty deadly!!!!

    From Bleeding Cool

    Announced at Image Comics panel at San Diego, Kelly Sue DeConnick And Emma Rios’ Western assassin series, Pretty Deadly.
    From Comic Book Resources (about a third of the way down)

    Kelly Sue Deconnick ascended the dais to discuss "Pretty Deadly," her book with Emma Rios. "It's our attempt to revive the spirit of Sergio Leone," she said. "It is a Western assassin competing for a prize she does not necessarily want." She said the book is about "the beauty and what we embrace about destruction," before adding, "How pretentious does that sound?"

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    Re: Pretty Deadly!!!!

    Art! I want this NOW!! Please.

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    + a billion. This looks and sounds awesome. It's your birthday, KS, but we're getting all the gifts!



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