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Thread: Schawarma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith P.
    I actually made a thread on the bendis board a few months ago regarding my frustration with being unable to make authentic gyros in my kitchen since the meat is really hard to get right.
    This is a newspaper website article explaining how to make Turkish style Doner Kebabs. Hope this helps.

    Edit - just noticed this uses a mincer, a thermometer and a blowtorch. It isn't impossible to do this but not exactly standard.

    I just checked and a cooking blowtorch isn't very expensive. In UK money, I noticed they're available for less than £10 - around $15. I thought they would cost £100 or something. You might not have to use a proper mincer either as a food processor or mixer might have an attachment that will do it for you. My food processor has all sorts of blades and stuff that could be used for mincing.
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    Re: Schawarma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shurato2099
    The meat recipe looks good, but tzatziki without dill is an abomination.

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    Re: Schawarma

    Agreed. I always add a little to that recipe.

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    Re: Schawarma

    Went out to the middle-eastern place three blocks from the office. Now I'm back at my desk with a large beef shawarma and a cup of spiced coffee (my own blend -- Café du Monde French Roast with chicory, plus a dash of cardamon, cinnamon, and nutmeg).

    Mmmm -- ! They're beginning to make facing all the crap that I need to get done by the end of the day a LOT more tolerable.


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