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Thread: UCONN Postseason Ban in 2013

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    UCONN Postseason Ban in 2013

    UConn faces a postseason ban because of several years of low scores on the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate.

    In its waiver request, the school argued the penalty was applied retroactively and hurts current students, who had nothing to do with the low scores and have made significant improvements in recent years.

    The NCAA's Committee on Academic Performance is meeting this week and may discuss changes to the APR that would allow it to use data from the two most recent academic years when determining a school's eligibility.

    The governing body currently uses data from 2009-10 and 2010-11 in determining eligibility for the 2013 tournament.

    UConn would qualify for next year's tournament under the proposed rule changes.
    So they shouldn't be penalized THIS year, but they won the NCAA Title the year their scores were low???!?!??!

    Keep it classy Connecticut!

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    Re: UCONN Postseason Ban in 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by denny! View Post
    so they shouldn't be penalized this year, but they won the ncaa title the year their scores were low???!?!??!

    keep it classy ncaa!

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    Re: UCONN Postseason Ban in 2013

    More and more I'm afraid we're going to be without bigtime college sports as we know them within a decade or two.

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    Re: UCONN Postseason Ban in 2013

    If they pay the athletes, but keep a stipulation in the pay that they have to keep a, say, 2.5 or greater to continue receiving funds, then they may have a nut in it instead of going to "school" for the attention and the parties.


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