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Thread: Thank God for this board...

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    Made Mark Mavro (kryptic6)'s Avatar
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    Thank God for this board...

    Sometimes I stray. Sometimes I check out the other boards. And my soul withers some. Just a bit. Like frostbite, my fingers go numb... my body pulls all the warmth from my extremities, protecting my core. Because it knows that I've drifted to a cold cold place. But I always come back.

    What's that over there? A Cable thread...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Lyon Goddard
    Quote Originally Posted by MACK!
    Thank you.
    you never drink, you wouldn't understand this love

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    Re: Thank God for this board...

    I like it too.

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    MmmMmm Good Roman Noodles's Avatar
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    Re: Thank God for this board...

    Yeah, I agree, it has it's moments, but it's an oasis in a desert of nightmares.

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    Roman, I give you credit for being creative, but you're also disgusting.
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    "Everyone" is not a type, Roman!


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