Today, 23rd April is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the UK's most iconic home computer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a computer known for having slightly poor graphics but an excellent selection of games.

It had a head to head battle with the Commodore 64 and a lesser rivalry with the machine that would become a stablemate after Amstrad bought the rights to the Spectrum, the Amstrad CPC.

The Spectrum had hundreds of classic games (apparently over 10,000 were released) and it had an incredible community around it, including magazines like Your Sinclair, Crash and Sinclair User which all lasted into the era where Spectrum games were disappearing from stores (it was almost impossible to get games for the Spectrum from a mainstream store after late 1993) and Crash would be absorbed into Sinclair User in 1992 and Sinclair User would close in 1993, followed by Your Sinclair a few months later.

Here is a link to a fantastic site devoted to the Spectrum:

The site also has playable games that can be played in Flash if you click on the little black boxes at the bottom of the listings in the archives.