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The former annoys me as it strikes me as a pointless nostalgia call-out or name check of that awful 70s/80s cartoon (no offense, I know people who grew up with it tend to love it but objectively, it's terrible) and the latter because it sounds like he's trying to make 'Aquawoman' stick as a name. It's a ridiculous superhero name. Say it. Go on. AK-WA-WU-MAN. That repeated W sound in the middle just doesn't work. Hate it. Mera is just better. Yet Johns seems to persist in doing both these irksome things regularly in both titles, and I wish he'd just STOP IT!

So, the point of this thread is: what repeated tics or moments have you spotted a creator/s doing that you wish they'd just quit?
Well, the first, I don't read as nostalgia. I read it as making fun of it, playfully. This entire run on JL has been full of some degree of self-mockery, some degree of the characters being self-aware almost. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If something makes me chuckle while reading, I generally consider that a good thing.

As the second, I agree with whoever said that it seems like Johns is trying to show how bad a name it is. I also think he's just playing around a little more.

ETA: I don't really come across any particular things which seem to repeatedly bother me. At least, not that I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe I'm simply not careful enough of a reader.

OTOH, there are lots of repetitive annoyances which come from msg. board posters. But that's a different discussion altogether.