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Thread: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

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    Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    The full write up is here on Wired:

    Basically, Jill Thompson is very dryly funny, the others were great, I want Amanda Conner high-school Star Wars comic and it was so cool to see so many librarians in the audience.

    Also, go buy the book.
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    Re: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    I was really hoping to make it to that one. I've got the book on my Amazon wishlist but I had my 6 year old daughter with me that day and didn't think she'd want to sit through a panel discussion.

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    Re: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    I've ordered my book but it won't be here for a few weeks. So excited and congrats on what sounds like an excellent panel.

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    Re: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    I got the book today, although I haven't cracked it yet.
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    Re: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    Hey, some of this sounds familiar...
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    Re: Chicks Dig Comics Panel at C2E2

    Hey Corrina, it's the Summers family in X-men and Buffy; not Sommers.
    Sommers would be Jamie; from The Bionic Woman.

    And you call yourself a geek!
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