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Thread: Sorry I missed C2E2 this year!

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    Sorry I missed C2E2 this year!

    Did you have anything new out? Like say an Unstable Molecules shirt? Or maybe a print of them? And if so, will they be available on your site?
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    Re: Sorry I missed C2E2 this year!

    Hi Michael... I expect to be at C2E2 this month!

    Hope to see you there.
    I'll have a lot of new things with me.
    New prints, new original art, new books, Daredevil: End of Days, the new prints I did with Neil Gaiman, all kinds of things.

    I wish I could show you all the art I did for Captain America The Winter Soldier, but it looks like I have to wait until the Blu Ray comes out to show my actual art boards that went into the film sequence.
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