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Thread: Pretty freaky - gunman one town over starts shooting everything up.

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    Pretty freaky - gunman one town over starts shooting everything up.

    I'm not use to hearing about gunmen so close to home. Apparently 100 shots fired with a state trooper being shot in the hand and leg during a stand-off. The suspect is dead. I thought I heard the gunman had an AK-47.

    This happened in Chicopee, MA today. I drive through the town a lot, usually once a week or more.

    Update: the mayor of Chicopee is saying that the shooter had had a restraining order placed on him by his former girlfriend. She had recently moved to Chicopee and the shooter showed up looking for her. The shooter allegedly tried to gain entrance to the woman's apartment via the landlord but neither the woman nor her new boyfriend were home. And the landlord didn't comply with the shooter's request. I'm an unsure if the shooter had his gun visible at that time.

    A pretty sad situation overall. The only thing I'm sick of hearing about is how this happened very close to a gas station where a tanker was. Everybody kept mentioning this and the tanker apparently received a few shots but it's hull repelled the bullets. To my knowledge, and I've seen this in demonstrations, gas tanks do not blow up when shot with bullets. The tanks, if penetrated, leak but until a spark or other source of ignition is introduced a gas tank will not explode.
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