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Thread: WOW! Bet they learned their lesson!

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    WOW! Bet they learned their lesson!

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    Re: WOW! Bet they learned their lesson!

    Depending on how large the chains are those fines may not be exactly pocket change but it probably isn't terribly stiff, either. They got a slap on the wrist.

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    Re: WOW! Bet they learned their lesson!

    Well, the local article says that it was local dealers conspiring and that there was no evidence that it involved higher-ups. It DOESN'T say whether these were company owned-and-operated stations or privately-owned franchises.

    If it was the former, you can at least be pretty sure that the local managers will not be working for those companies, or likely any OTHER gas companies any time soon. If the latter, I would have to assume that the corporations' lawyers are sharpening their knives to recover from the franchisees the fines that they paid out. In the case of the franchisees -- who actually committed the crime -- those fines could be enough to put them out of business.

    Not enough information.

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    Re: WOW! Bet they learned their lesson!

    My understanding with most gas stations is that they send managers out to check prices and set them relative to competitors. There's no "fix" because of non-coordination but there is a "fix" in that you develop a routine of, "We set our prices four cents below that guy and a penny more than the other guy."


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