I couldn't think what to get my Mum for Mother's Day on Sunday and I went all over Glasgow city centre looking for something for her.

I had thought about getting her a new mobile phone but almost everything looked either really crappy or waaaay too complicated for her. There were few phones that looked right in the middle with simple features AND nice design.

She didn't need any new jewellery or perfume and I've been banned from buying any ornaments or glassware as we have to put the stuff we have on rotation or store it because we have waaay too much of it for our small house.

I thought about it an ended up in the Apple store. No, I wasn't going to pre-order her an iPad as she would have struggled to switch it on but I did get her an iPod Shuffle. I had messed around with the idea of getting one for her before but I decided to buy it. I got her the orange (more of a gold/orange, sort of like the colour you tend to get on an orange flavoured chocolate wrapper) as my Dad said she would probably like that colour the most. I actually ended up asking her if she wanted the iPod on the phone and she picked the orange model that my Dad had suggested.

I got her a nice box of Thornton's Treacle Toffee (yum!) and a nice card.

I didn't want to leave my Dad out so I got him a nice sweater too.