after weeks of teasing, will they or won't they?. . Fox pulled the trigger on Spielberg's mess this morning.

Honestly, I thought after a sorta-strong opening, it got WAY to cutesey, and simply didn't work as what it was intended to be.

it was coming across as a poor rip-off of "Earth2" to me (and that wasn't exactly a great show to start with!).

I was only watching "Terra Nova" because Nick really liked it . . so it was one of the few we watch together (the others being "Family Guy" "Walking Dead" "Survivor" and "Falling Skies" (another one I don't *love* but he likes it and i can tolerate it .

anyways. . .Fox finally decided to Cancel.

too bad that the show actually had potential, and they squandered it on cutesy stories focused on the littlest kid.