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Thread: Multiversity Interview

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    Multiversity Interview

    Multiversity Comics Interview

    What do I love about superhero comics? Well, I’m a five foot tall woman with a short temper who has always kind of looked like a child. I am RIFE with power fantasies. I also have a theater degree and an alcoholic tendency toward spectacle. What draws me to superheroes is probably the same thing that draws me to opera, melodrama, Commedia dell’Arte, Shakespeare, Greek mythology... I think it’s a lizard brain thing. Jungian archetypes in four colors. Humans crave this sort of storytelling, it’s just that as modern men and women we have a broad variety of ways in which to consume it. What draws my son to Teen Titans is the same brain-wiring that drew my grandmother to Days of Our Lives.

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    Re: Multiversity Interview

    Fraction said it and he's absolutely right -- Bendis writes the best first issues in the industry. I just reread the first ALIAS and it's so good, so tight, I want to punch myself in the face. …That reaction might not make sense to anyone but me. Sorry. -KS
    Oh, yeah. This.

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    Re: Multiversity Interview

    I read that, and thought of this.

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    Great responses, KS! Especially loved the manga/superheroes answer (both the 'genre vs medium' clarification and your reasons why superheroes appeal to you).

    Nice job!


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