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Thread: The All New Ask Gail Thread

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    Re: The All New Ask Gail Thread

    What was the treasured comic from your childhood that you re-read to discover was pretty awful in every way?
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    Re: The All New Ask Gail Thread

    Hey Gail, two questions....

    One - I know you're a fan of Skyrim, and I was wondering if you had heard about the modder for Oblivion that created a companion so impressive that Terry Pratchett actually wrote dialogue for her? Given the crazy effort that goes into mods would you ever be interested in writing a character or quest for Skyrim's modding community?

    Two - we're six months into the reboot and I'm still waiting to know how much of Oracle survives in Babs. As in, was she ever Oracle and how much of that history survives. Is that something that will be answered soon, sometime this year or never?

    Edit - Third question. Prompted by the post on the sale of your stories, is there any chance that some of the cast of Welcome to Tranquility could wind up in the DCnU?
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    Re: The All New Ask Gail Thread

    Locked to give Gail time to catch up.


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