This thread is for everyone to determine what book we will review in the BB Review Thread. In the past we took turns picking a book but now we are openly voting for titles we would like to see reviewed. Everyone is welcome to participate, no need to ask.

After visiting the Midtown shipping list (or another one you prefer) and looking over the choices please nominate one book. At the end of the week (thread closes on Tuesday at midnight EST) the title with the most votes wins. Feel free to lobby for your choice as much as you please

There are no restrictions on what you can nominate and vote. Any publisher (no matter how small) any price (singles, trades, hardcovers ect) and import titles are all fair game.

As of the 11/10/10 voting thread, we have a new rule - Each book can only be reviewed once in a six-month period, to ensure variety. This rule will be waived in the event that a new writer joins the title.

We will do a new thread every week to do these votes

Here's the list of what is shipping 11/23:


Time to pick next weeks book

Books reviewed in the last six months

5/11 - Moriarty: The Dark Chamber

5/18 - Batman: The Gates of Gotham

5/25 - Strange Adventures

6/1 - Batman: Knight of Vengeance

6/8 - Mystery Men

6/15 - Superman/Batman

6/22 - Green Arrow

6/29 - Project Superman

7/6 - Elric

7/13 - The Red Wing

7/20 - Daredevil

7/27 - Captain America and Bucky

8/3 - Severed

8/10 - Detective Comics

8/17 - DC Retroactive: Batman

8/24 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

8/31 - Justice League

9/7 - Animal Man

9/14 - Resurrection Man

9/21 - Red Hood and the Outlaws

9/28 - I, Vampire

10/5 - Last of the Greats

10/12 - Legion of Monsters

10/19 - Xenoholics

10/26 - Spaceman

11/2 - Uncanny X-Men

11/9 - Uncanny X-Force

11/16 - X-23