Hey all,

I have never owned a smartphone and I think it is time to make the switch. My phone is several years old and is falling apart. I am currently on verizon but I think I am going to switch to sprint since they have way better pricing. For the almost the same amount of money i can switch to sprint and basiclly pay what im paying at verizon for 450 phone and unlimited text, as oppose to unlimited data, messaging, mobile to mobile and 450 min to land lines at sprint. It just seems to make sense.

The only thing is i didnt preorder the phone when it was first announced. The apple store on the upper west side of NYC opens at 8 tomorrow morning. They said they will have them in stock. The thing is though I am sure there will be a line. What time do you think I should get there to ensure i actually get a phone?

Do you think switching is a good idea?