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Did it. DID IT! One hundred days!

My last one:
club100.2 9 March 2012

There was a knot in the middle of her back and she blamed the couch.

The actual muscle that hurt was tiny. She could find it with her knuckle, a sharp ribbon down her spine. The pain radiated out from there, but dulled.

Sally stood up, arched her back and pulled her elbows together, immediately thinking Year 8 and immediately regretting it.

The phone rang. Blocked. She stared at the phone, its vibration moving it sideways on the coffee table. It rang out.

She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. The phone beeped and moved again, her telephone company sending her a redundant missed-call text message.

Thanks guys, I wouldn't have known about this, or got so much done without you.


I wish we could all have a drink together to celebrate. (Yeah, yeah... any excuse, Mahoney! )

But seriously, YAY!!!! Congrats on putting together a consistent run of writing. I'm so happy for you. (Also, nice bit of writing: "a sharp ribbon down her spine.")