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Thread: My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

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    My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

    My first thought is I've occidentally broken a rule, if so, sorry

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    Re: My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

    I have (at least for now temporarily) removed the image upload feature. Sorry about not notifying you (or everyone). I'm just trying to get a handle on two things. First of all I'm trying to comply with stricter hosting policies with regard to inappropriate images for a public/all-ages audience (i.e. overly suggestive and lured photos in addition to nudity) which may not have (and probably did not) apply to your images specifically. Secondly I am trying to reduce server and database load. Since all uploaded images were being stored in the database it made for a large addition to the database and made it more difficult to maintain, clean and back-up.



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