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Thread: My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

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    My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

    My first thought is I've occidentally broken a rule, if so, sorry
    And you sit there and talk revolution
    But can you tell me just who's in command?
    When you tell me the forces we're fighting
    Then I'll join you and gladly make plans
    But for now only our t-shirts cry freedom
    And our voices are gagged by our greed

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    Re: My Pictures disappeared and I can't re-upload

    I have (at least for now temporarily) removed the image upload feature. Sorry about not notifying you (or everyone). I'm just trying to get a handle on two things. First of all I'm trying to comply with stricter hosting policies with regard to inappropriate images for a public/all-ages audience (i.e. overly suggestive and lured photos in addition to nudity) which may not have (and probably did not) apply to your images specifically. Secondly I am trying to reduce server and database load. Since all uploaded images were being stored in the database it made for a large addition to the database and made it more difficult to maintain, clean and back-up.



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