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Thread: EVERY choice you make will piss SOMEBODY off.

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    Re: EVERY choice you make will piss SOMEBODY off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
    I think its interesting this got bumped. Because this became REALLY relevant with Superior Spider-Man. Where first everyone was all "how could you kill Peter Parker". Which of course was something Dan had thought out beforehand with the angle that Peter is still alive inside his own skull and struggling to take back his body. And also with the "how could you allow MJ to sleep with Otto, because its rape". Which Dan had ALSO thought of, since Peter er... played cock-blocker in a subtle way and MJ was never at any real risk of sleeping with Otto in Peter's body.

    Dan took heavy shit for both of those things. I recall seeing him having a good laugh in some of the video clips he did for one of the comics sites and boy did he deserve that laugh. I remember being an early predictor of the Peter-in-his-own subconscious thing, but the easy way Dan defused the whole MJ thing wasn't quite as obvious to me (and it should have been). Well done, Dan.
    Yep very appropriate for what's happening right now with Superior Spider-Man.

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    Re: EVERY choice you make will piss SOMEBODY off.

    Love it or hate Superior, when was the last time Spidey was talked about this much? It's obvious that Dan is putting his all into the title, so let's all enjoy the ride instead of judging what hasn't even happened yet.

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    Re: EVERY choice you make will piss SOMEBODY off.

    they have to deal with everything....

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    Re: EVERY choice you make will piss SOMEBODY off.

    If it's any consolation Mr. Slott, I'm enjoying the triple threat of Slott/Allred/Allred on Silver Surfer so far.

    For what it's worth: nicely done (to all of you)!
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