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Thread: Rifftrax!

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    Bill Corbett was a doll and again sent us free passes to see Rifftrax Live last night, and it was absolutely hysterical. I was laughing so hard I thought I'd puke.

    The film was Jack The Giant Killer, and it was oddball, but not AS horrible as many of the movies they cover.

    There was a short film, some 'educational' thing from the seventies, two little boys discussing the nature of nothing. It was called, "What is Nothing?"

    You can predict how THAT went!

    Love these guys. Got to meet them at sdcc and they were SO kind, and Bill Corbett gave me a huge hug and was the sweetest guy ever.

    I am a fan!!

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    Re: Rifftrax!

    I was laughing so hard at the "Dragon Knights." I also loved the cartoons by somebody's little daughter.

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    Re: Rifftrax!

    I love Rifftrax, they are so hilarious. I'd love to go see Rifftrax live one day but I don't they are ever shown in UK cinemas, so there are three options open;

    1. Wait until Rifftrax comes to the UK
    2. Go to the USA and see it
    3. Kidnap Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy and force them to perform Rifftrax on demand

    I suspect number three might unfortunately be illegal

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    Re: Rifftrax!

    My AMC theaters, which had House on Haunted Hill, did NOT have this Rifftrax. I am so pissed at them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreg
    I was laughing so hard at the "Dragon Knights." I also loved the cartoons by somebody's little daughter.
    Those two short cartoons were hilarious. And the Dragon Men were the funniest part of the movie for me. This was my second time to Rifftrax live, both times were well worth the price. And its worth it to go in a half hour early for the music and movie facts they play beforehand.
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    Re: Rifftrax!

    I went on a kick of purchasing a bunch of their shorts the other day, including the venerable "Grasses" and "Boxes" duology, as well as "Shake Hands With Danger", "Paper and I", and some others. Gold, all of them.

    Just from the title, I eagerly, eagerly want to see their take on "What is Nothing?" They love their existentialism jokes, which I always find hilarious...

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    Re: Rifftrax!


    Agreed on the Dragonmen being the most hilarious bit - even though I kept seeing it coming, having them keep calling out "Be Right There" kept me from breathing for a bit. XD


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