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Thread: Quick Review of new Apes film

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    Re: Quick Review of new Apes film

    I thought it was a completely ridiculous and absurd movie. This is not a complaint; I had a blast in the theater.

    The second act, where it was an all-ape prison movie, was wonderfully insane. Seriously, I don't know too much about primate sanctuaries, but I'd be real surprised if any of them actually operated on the Altactraz-like design with the guard tower with the tranq-rifle toting guards firing into "the yard" and everything. That was nuts.

    The third act, where the apes went themselves-shit on the SFPD, was all we could have hoped for. Caesar stole a horse, for crying out loud.

    My only complaints would be with the CGI looking like, well, CGI (nothing wrong with the movement, mind you... Serkus did a fantastic job, there); but that's pretty much inevitable with a sub-Avatar creature rendering budget, so that's mostly a quibble. The nudge-and-a-wink references to lines from the original movie are, of course, pretty groanworthy.

    The biggest weakness of the film is that it isn't clearly about anything larger. The original, in it's goofy, unsubtle 60's way, let you know exactly where it stood on the subject of war and man's relation to nature. This one... I can't tell what it's trying to say about medical research and what have you, especially after hearing an interview with the director last night. Don't hire complete and total dicks at your research and sanctuary facilities, I guess?

    But who really cares about that stuff? Like I said: this move is awesome. It's hilarious. It's stupid in the best way a large budget summer movie can be.

    See drunk if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Comma
    Why almost?
    Logic police in my head went off a few times, but on the whole I really liked it & I have no desire to nitpick.
    I'll be picking up the blu ray when it comes out!

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    Re: Quick Review of new Apes film

    I loved it, but the inclusion of EXACT dialogue from the original grated on me--it seemed forced. It was alright the first couple of times, but it was pretty 'wanky' by the third pass.

    I generally think ALL CGI looks fake, but I thought it was close to the best figure work I've seen.

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    Re: Quick Review of new Apes film

    I saw the trailer for this in the theatre earlier this week. My friend turned to me and pointed out that it was easier to promote an action movie starring a monkey than one starring a woman...

    I'm pretty sure The Simpsons ruined all Planet of the Apes related stuff for me with that one episode where it was a musical, though. *g*
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    Re: Quick Review of new Apes film

    Quote Originally Posted by sapphoshands View Post

    I'm pretty sure The Simpsons ruined all Planet of the Apes related stuff for me with that one episode where it was a musical, though. *g*
    That just made POTA Better for me.

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    Re: Quick Review of new Apes film

    I just loved it, I absolutely loved it. I had low expectations and I enjoyed it more than any film I've seen this year in the theater.

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    Tom and I went and saw it.

    I thought it was the fantastic. The underlying theme of man and science vs. Nature was really fascinating.


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