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Thread: Welcome, Kelly Sue!

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    Re: Welcome, Kelly Sue!

    Yay! Kelly Sue, you are the bee's knees.
    Quote Originally Posted by BENDIS! View Post
    the travis is a sweety.

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    Re: Welcome, Kelly Sue!

    Awesome Spider-Man mini.

    Hope you get to write Norah and crazy people again soon.
    I get this all the time. They say, "You really hate Daredevil. Look how mean you are to Daredevil." I'm like, "Would you really buy a book about him enjoying a sandwich? 'What a great sandwich. I'm going to eat this for 22 pages, and I'm going to be so happy.'" I may do it just to prove a point. Have Wolverine going, "This is the best bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich I've ever had in my life!"

    -Brian Bendis

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    Re: Welcome, Kelly Sue!

    Me too, man. Thanks.


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