A rabid Great Lakes Avengers fan here. Just to post an idea in the hopes it may someday come to fruition.

I know they tried desperately to gain new members, and have no idea why Captain Ultra said no. They do indeed need an ongoing series, if not 40 or so more minis. They need some reserves.

I may be wasting my time, as a newbie here, but I figure it's worth a shot to post my idea for those inclined toward the aforementioned team.

The story could start with a previously unseen encounter between the GLA and the Impossible Man.

Then to a scene between Impossible Man and The Grandmaster. Impossible Man loves games and for some reason he's just now getting around to asking the Grandmaster to play.

A classic contest of champions type of game, if you will.

I suggest Impy picks a slew of characters starting with the Great Lakes Avengers.

Other members of the team could include, but not be limited to Frog-Man, Madcap, Howard the Duck, Daddy Long Legs, Poltergeist, She-Thing, Mayhem, Captain Ultra, Slapstick, HERBIE, D-Man, U.S. Archer, Razorback, Superpro, Warlock, Morph, Blazing Skull, Terror Inc, Nosferata, BRUTE FORCE, Illuminator and of course The Phone Ranger.

Not feeling very threatened by this group of heroes, Grandmaster chooses his own team of "equals".

Quasimodo, Oddball, Videoman, 8-Ball, Eye Scream, The Spot, Pink Pearl, Hypno Hustler, Matador, Living Eraser, Dr. Bong, Number 1 Fan, Water Wizard, Stilt Man, Pseudo Man, The Turnip, The Crazy Gang, White Rabbit and the Walrus, Leaper Logan, Harlequin Hitman, Bug Eyed Voice, Mr. Doll, Banjo, Goody Two Shoes, Jack Serious and of course, Doughboy.

Hilarity ensues.

This could be an excellent way to contain a group of characters who otherwise may never see the light of day (and plenty of people would be okay with that) and could perhaps lead to the GLA forming a nationwide, if not global groups of reserve members.

Start throwing the rotten fruit......NOW!

*Google search "Great Lakes Avengers Reserves" for an image if you are interested.