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Thread: Fan Art?

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    Fan Art?

    Hey Jinxworld, I'm new to the board here but have heard about how tightly regulated it is. So I've got a question. What are the policies on posting fan art? I run a tumblr with some friends called Comic Art Club and was wondering if I could post some of our art here?

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    Re: Fan Art?

    From what I can gather it's cool as long as I'm not selling anything.
    Am I right?

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    Re: Fan Art?

    Is this thing on? ... Hello?

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    Re: Fan Art?

    Not all at once now. There's too much information being thrown my way to sift through.

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    Re: Fan Art?

    as long as you are not selling anything nor claiming other people's art as your own (IE breaking copyright or intellectual property rights).

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    Re: Fan Art?

    Thanks @berman_news!


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