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Thread: Hahahahaha!

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    Oh, my god, I don't even know what the fuck he's talking about any more.

    It IS April First, though--could this be a work of unbridled GENIUS?


    GO LOOK.

    "Retro" hahahahahaha!

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    Hahahaha, holy shit, this is the best stuff EVER!

    Look at THIS!

    "We actually need to whole-heartedly give positive credit where that credit is due. Known since 1999 as "The Bashers," by all LBE Fans, Friends and Followers, if it were not for certain misinformed comments they posted about us recently, we might not have gained the inspiration to publish this particular series, in order to make the new upcoming WLS release a million times more entertaining and enjoyable than it already is. Though their publicly-posted comments were meant QUITE negatively, we turned it into something EXTREMELY positive. At first, this release was meant to again prove them wrong just as publicly... but instead, we turned it into something MUCH better than that.
    I would personally like to dedicate the Retro LBC/WLS as a "THANK YOU" to the Bashers, with my fondest wishes that they enjoy collecting and reading the series as much as I do in publishing it.

    Oh, my god, for the first time, I actually WANT this to be a hoax!

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    He's totally lost it.


    Due to the Public Information and Press Releases that we will are releasing to the press and online, please be advised that you may want to pre-arrange any appearances/signings with us EARLY. If you are interested in doing so now, please e-mail us at:


    NOTE: This is not empty "hype" nor anything else that would be considered as equally distasteful from us. This project has been highly-anticipated and promoted for over 20 years, and we are simply readying ourselves for what may come."

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    Is this a Rob Grenito thing?

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    "For untold years, the GREAT Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics fame (of course), has referred to all of his Comics-going Fans & Friends as "True Believers." That Pet Name is as iconic as Stan himself, since it always made us all feel like PART of his stories and Family.
    Considering that the When Lightning Strikes Online Only Ashcan, immediately followed by WLS#0, is being released this April, I figured that it would be a great idea for MY Fans & Friends to also see themselves as being a part of my stories and Family too. And I'd like to start using that Pet Name in these first issues coming out, so that we start our Family together right from the MOMENT of the comics themselves starting.
    We all know the cutesy and clever Pet Names that we refer to our spouses, children, other Family members and Friends... and we know the Pet Names we actually like bein' called of us.
    So, how 'bout it? Help me think of just as great of a Pet Name for all of you, as Stan has for his Fans & Friends!
    Post your Pet Name ideas in the Guestbook and let's see what everybody comes up with! If you can't think of any yourself, then how about commenting on everybody else's that gets suggested to help us all decide how Eternity will reveal me referring to all of you Great People as.
    So far, I've come up with "Lightning Looky-Loos" "Electric Eclectics." What do YOU think?

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Hodag View Post
    Is this a Rob Grenito thing?
    You just WISH it was a Rob Granito thing!

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    Re: Hahahahaha!


    We've been getting some great e-mails and messages on our MyYearbook, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages. Our friends and fans have been letting us know how excited you all are with the progression of the site's new re-design, the great things we're adding to it and all the LBE project sneak peaks we're presenting.

    Well... here's your chance to tell the WORLD what ya' think about everything that is LBE for yourself, and share your great opinions from the source itself!

    We want to hear from you, on what you think about the site's re-design, what we're adding to it, and all the projects we're introducing. And just to insure that no negative history will ever repeat itself again, we are setting all questions/replies for our approval, and checking them CONSTANTLY, to make sure that no problems will happen.

    Since this IS a GUESTbook, we simply ask that you post your questions, comments and replies as if you were a GUEST in somebody's house, by being respectful in your commentary. If you were to come to somebody's home and start verbally slamming and/or abusing them, obviously they would throw you out and slam the door in the process. We don't want to have to do that here, since we want a fresh start with EVERYBODY that visits our site, and we GUARANTEE that we will answer all questions and commentaries in the SAME respectful manner. And the same goes for anybody replying to somebody else that posts in our Guestbook.

    We want for you to have fun here, we want to have fun here, and we want to give you the greatest projects in history that we can muster for EVERYBODY to have fun with. But most importantly, we want for all our fans, friends and family to let us know how we're doing in the same manner that they themselves would want to be addressed, for the same purpose.


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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    Oh lordy what is up with that website design. Even if I could wade my way through the awful written content it is severely impeded by the fact that my eyes detached themselves from my head, jumped out of their sockets and rolled away to save themselves.

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    Re: Hahahahaha!

    I couldn't get past this:

    while we are redeveloping the reset of it into a place that is even more fun and inciteful about the extraordinary projects we're developing for you than it EVER HAS BEEN BEFORE!
    Like, to incite a riot? I suppose that web page might do that; or just send someone into epileptic seizures.
    "Able to leap powerful bullets with a speeding bound!"

    "Able to do powerful speed while on a single locomotive?"

    "Just so you know...
    Y'all are weird."-Larry Dixon


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