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Thread: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    The crazy has started again.

    Hopefully this will be locked soon.

    He really is in meltdown mode again, isn't he?


    "There seems to be something in the human condition that makes people dislike people that they think are different. If we could get rid of that, it'd be a better world" - Stan Lee

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    ''So Junior, keep spinning your drek about me. Your buddy Allah will grant your absolution, I'm sure. ''

    I see. Now I believe I understand what he meant by his 'politically incorrect' comment he withheld.

    After all, we had the account a few pages back of a guy who kicked Rick off his FB list for religious bigotry and general Olney-level stupidity.

    And there's this, about Don's poetry: ''Yeah, about that -- I checked. No copyright listed. I can't even determine if you're actually THE Don Krick that claims to have originally wrote them. So they'll remain.''

    How can a man who has been sued THIS many times be so damn stupid and ignorant about how the legal system works?
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    "There seems to be something in the human condition that makes people dislike people that they think are different. If we could get rid of that, it'd be a better world" - Stan Lee

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    Quote Originally Posted by KJ! View Post
    ''So Junior, keep spinning your drek about me. Your buddy Allah will grant your absolution, I'm sure. ''

    I see. Now I believe I understand what he meant by his 'politically incorrect' comment he withheld.

    After all, we had the account a few pages back of a guy who kicked Rick off his FB list for religious bigotry and general Olney-level stupidity.

    And there's this, about Don's poetry: ''Yeah, about that -- I checked. No copyright listed. I can't even determine if you're actually THE Don Krick that claims to have originally wrote them. So they'll remain.''

    How can a man who has been sued THIS many times be so damn stupid and ignorant about how the legal system works?
    Um, it's RO what else can be said. The man needs to take meds.!!!!!!!
    DOC Boucher

    Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?

    "In MY universe...EVERYONE wins!"

    "History holds tightly to her truths."

    My favorite asinine quote by RO
    "I put words on paper and in places where the reader can feel comfortable on the plus or negative side."

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    I've been waiting 2 years or so for his exposé on Small Press Fandom. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz!
    DOC Boucher

    Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?

    "In MY universe...EVERYONE wins!"

    "History holds tightly to her truths."

    My favorite asinine quote by RO
    "I put words on paper and in places where the reader can feel comfortable on the plus or negative side."

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    It's just Rick trying to desperately cling to what little attention he can still muster. It's not like he's getting any on his FAKE ORCA FB page. After all...

    Quote Originally Posted by Crying For Attention Olney
    Well, being frank here... and I CAN be because I don't believe we have anyone with the first name of 'Frank' on the roster or in this online group for the REAL Organized Readers of Comics Association -- tee hee... chuckle, chuckle. Anyway, the quiet here is starting to become deafening. What's up? You new people make me feel like I invited space aliens from ALTUS 5 into my home. lol
    So he started a page to talk about comics... And nobody talks about comics on it. Must be why he has less members than the REAL ORCA FB group. But then, Barbara has always said he's had problems with his member. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Well, let's look at this supposed devoted ORCA member who joined because of their "love" of comics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Olney cross-dressing as Kay Burkehead
    Do I get one? lol, Maybe it would help me know more about the comic world.
    Or how would YOU like to join a group where your "leader" has to warn you about his critics and makes sure you don't trust one another? Sounds just like the original ORCA I remember:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Stale Whale
    we lost another person that came here to get some kind of dirt on me, I guess. <<sigh>> You other members kindly let me know if you should get any harassing or spam email telling you all about the lies that a certain group perpetuates about me, wouldja? Thanks!
    Don has already been made aware of Rick posting the poetry, and told me yesterday he's not even going to respond to Rick's childish attempt to call him out. That's what his latest meltdown has been about: trying to get people mad enough to speak before thinking and make threats that he can go to Facebook or the police with. He keeps trying to claim FB shut down our Rick Olney page. Sorry to disappoint, but (wait for the surprise...are you ready?) that's a Rick Olney untruth! Gasp! Rick was not truthful about something?!?!? Say it ain't so, Joe! Yes, small children everywhere are weeping at this change in outlook of Rick.

    My advice still remains the same: let him stew. He's his own worst enemy. Or if you're anally obsessed like Rick he's his own worst enema. Because he's the one that'll have to deal with the stink of the shit that comes out of him.

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    It amazes me that nothing will dispel a Rick Olney Lie: not even word from the creator of Francine and Katchoo. If Rick says they used Orca shirts, it was because of his organization, Terry Moore's word be damned.

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterRage View Post

    For those unfamiliar with Rick Olney, please see the countless amounts of documentation below about his cons, lies and thievery. He's an unstable dangerous and volatile man. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!

    Classic thread:

    Previous thread at CBR:

    For those unfamiliar here's the Tony Isabella's Letter about him:
    Dear Creative Professional,
    If you are approached by an individual named Rick Olney or a representative of this man, if you are approached by Olney or anyone else representing entities known as The Mighty Mini-Con, TightLip Entertainment, ORCA, Adirondathon, or Adirondack Comics Fest, we strongly urge you to run in the other direction.
    There is a very long, very well-documented history of non-payment, deceit, emotional manipulation, and fraud in connection with this man and his projects. Despite searching and publicly requesting evidence for over three months, nobody has been able to produce any evidence of any artist ever having been paid in full for their work for TightLip. Many attending professionals to his conventions were promised reimbursement of their expenses, but while some were provided with lodging, none are known to have received full compensation for travel and meal costs, and many have been the subject of vicious personal attacks as a result of having inquired about the promised reimbursement. In addition, Mr. Olney has a considerable history of erratic and unprofessional behavior on many message forums and mailing lists on the internet, several of which have banned him due to his frequently racist, sexist, and homophobic rants, as well as his willingness to hurl vicious insults in response to legitimate questions about his business practices.
    As far as we can tell, nearly everyone who has ever had any professional contact with TightLip, the Mighty Mini-Con, or Rick Olney, has a “war story” to tell about being misled, cheated, and used.
    You can find more details here:
    Happy Birthday Rick Olney, Happy Birthday To You! –
    EXCLUSIVE: Rick Olney Pays Back $100, $35,502.76 To Go… -
    The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – BEST LACK OF PAYMENT -
    Rick Olney Trying To Organise Veteran’s Day Weekend Comic Con In New York -
    So Who Is Actually Going To Rick Olney’s Comic Con In November? -
    Now Matt Busch Turns Against Rick Olney Over Indiana Jones -
    Rick Olney Cancels Adirondack Comic Con -
    Sending Rick Olney A Cease And Desist Letter -
    Rick Olney Sells Indiana Jones World Map Without Matt Busch Or Lucasfilm’s Permission -
    Lucasfilm Tells Rick Olney To Cease And Desist Over Indiana Jones World Map -
    Rick Olney Demands Apology Before He’ll Hand Over Charity Maps And Donations -

    Please, do not attempt to do business with Olney. In fact, please pass along this warning to any comics professionals, aspiring comics professionals, retailers, exhibitors, media guests, and fans you know.
    Do business with Olney at your own risk.
    We would prefer to not do this in such a public manner, but, with Olney again advertising a convention and claiming that he is still planning to publish comic books, the greater good demands we speak out.
    Thank you for your attention,
    the Undersigned
    Shelly Kennedy, Webmaster Unscrewed!
    Danny Donovan, Various independent Comics, 911 Emergency Relief by Alternative Comics, Radio Free Comicks
    Dave Rothe, Ant #’s 6-9 from Image Comics
    Tom Stillwell, Writer/Creator of The Honor Brigade from Spinner Rack Comics
    Kurt Busiek, Astro City, Superman
    Paul D. Storrie, Revisionary, Gotham Girls, Robin Hood
    Scott Reed, Web’s Best Comics
    Tony Isabella, Black Lightning, Tony’s Tips
    Chuck Dixon, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Bongo, Wildstorm
    Joanne Ellen Mutch, Rummblestrips, Potlatch, LOTR sketch card artist,
    Kevin Huxford, Contributor
    Timothy J Tobolski, UNSCREWED! editor-in-chief
    Jim Taylor, The Wraith
    Mike Bullock, Lions Tigers & Bears, The Phantom
    Blake M. Petit,
    Jeff Austin, AC Comics
    James Ritchey III, Green Lama, Team Defiant!
    Danielle Sylv Taylor, Hollow
    Colin McMahon, New Dimension Comics-McMurray
    Wil Radcliffe, Noggle Stones
    Larime Taylor, Writer/Creator of HOLLOW, Archaia Studios Press
    Mercedes R Lackey, Valdemar Series, DAW Books
    Larry Dixon, DAW, Baen Books
    Jim MacQuarrie,
    Alice Woodside, The Daredevil Anniversary Art Quilt Project
    Sean McKeever, writer
    Steven D. Forbes, Writer of Bullet Time, Co-Writer of Fallen Justice, EiC of Paper Dragonz
    Koben Kelly,, Best Shots,
    Sarah Beach, editor, writer – Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1, Unscrewed! anthology
    Lance Boucher, Inter-Fan Productions
    Colleen Doran, A Distant Soil
    Nat Gertler, About Comics
    Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading
    Joe Zierman, artist – Big Bang Comics
    Martin R. Oakley, formerly of Bloodstained Productions, writer/artist
    Kneon Transitt, Gemstone Publishing
    Gail Simone, Birds of Prey, Villains United, Gen13, Welcome to Tranquility, Atom
    Frank Dirscherl, The Wraith
    James A. Owen, Starchild, Mythworld, and Here, There Be Dragons
    Richard Neal, Eisner winner Zeus Comics
    Brian Pate, Comic Book
    Cully Hamner, BLUE BEETLE, DC Comics
    Erik Burnham, Shooting Star Comics
    Scott McCullar, Shooting Star Comics, DC Comics, West End Games
    Butch Guice, Marvel Artist
    Brian J. Crowley, Graphic Designer DDP
    Gerry Alanguilan, Superman: Birthright, Batman/Danger Girl, Silent Dragon (Wildstorm)
    Michael Netzer, DC & Marvel artist

    and here's the open letter from Michael Netzer about him
    An Open Letter to Rick Olney
    Written by MN (Michael Netzer)

    Wednesday, 06 December 2006

    Hello Rick,

    As a friend whom I've known for several years and a supporter of my efforts on behalf of the comics creators, I'd prefer not to rebuke you publicly as I'm about to, regarding the recent controversy with your lateness of payment to comics creators whom you contracted for work, and the subsequent open criticism of your actions by Rich Johnston and others. I do this, however, because of our friendship, in hopes that you'd take heed of the damage you bring upon yourself by your conduct.

    I was sorry, as surely anyone who knew you was, at hearing about the passing away of your mother, may she rest in peace. I was also sorry, however, to hear your repeated complaints regarding your personal problems and the persistent touting of your misfortunes as an excuse for your failures. Since I've known you, you've been of the more outspoken big talkers in the comics community, wherein every convention and event you've attempted to organize appears to have been afflicted by one unfortunate circumstance after the other. The problem is that we come to hear and remember more about your personal difficulties than the failed endeavors you organize. You might have saved us all one needless sorrow by complaining less and doing a little more, but such is apparently beyond you.

    Everyone suffers personal difficulties that can otherwise destroy endeavors they undertake. Most good people, however, choose to shed less crocodile tears and carry on with their lives. Your misfortunes are the title of your inevitable biography and it is a saddening one because you use them to conceal your ineptness and hypocritical ulterior motives, as you persist in falsely espousing a regard for truth and justice in your conduct. There is no truth and justice in how you're conducting yourself now, Rick. It's time to take a good look at your actions and consider the repercussions they bring.

    The creators, Chuck Dixon, Val Staples and others, who've stepped forth asking for payment for their work, are not at fault here. They trusted you by producing work for you. You are the one who owes them and you're the one who's avoiding them, as they've stated openly. Your response, to pursue litigation procedures against them for violating non-disclosure agreements, reveals you for the deceitful man you are. All your hypocritical rantings regarding justice for the creators, over the years, are now washed down the drain, as you reveal yourself to be no better than others who've taken this course before you.

    Tight Lip Entertainment/Rich Johnston and others have been more than fair with you, in the face of your belligerent threats to pursue legal actions against creators whom you owe money to. Have you no shame? No conscience? No inclination of the stain you bring upon your reputation? Is your wallowing in the publicity of this affair blinding you to the damage it inflicts upon you and others?

    Is the outstretched tongue in your logo meant to reflect your disregard for the creators you hire, while you conceal it with the false and hypocritical mask of love-struck eyes?

    You say that: " Since this has began we've nearly completed Tales of The Spooky ..2, hired and placed 4 new artists of note, in motion. And anchored our June 07 Mighty Minicon."

    Well Rick, if you can do all this now, why can't you simply pay the creators whom you owe money to, before continuing on with business as usual? Are you using your misfortune, and now theirs, to evade paying them and then sueing them for taking you to task for it, Rick?

    Are you doing the same thing to these comics creators as you did to the web hosting service which asked me to intervene on their behalf two years ago, due to your evading paying them for services they gave you? Is this your modus operandi; to use personal tragedies and misfortunes in order to abuse the goodwill of others, while promising to pay for them, and never doing so?

    You understand I'm at liberty to disclose your withholding of payment to the web hosting service because I never signed a non-disclosure agreement about it with you. In all fairness though, I'm willing to sign one now, retro-actively, so that you can sue me also for violating it. Just send me a copy and I'll sign it, if this is the way you choose to conduct your affairs.

    Or change your ways, Rick Olney. Stop avoiding those you owe money to and compensate them for their work. Stop making excuses by publicly complaining about your misfortunes and get on with your work. Do not begin new endeavors while you have previous unfulfilled obligations. Apologize to everyone whom you've defamed with your accusations.

    Straighten your ways, Rick. All the lawyers in the world can't wipe away the stain that covers you now.
    and the judgment against him:

    Plus here's some of the other links:!/RickOlney!/RecklessRicOlie!/OlneyTheLonely

    The thread where Rick pretends ORCA is legit:

    Plus all of JR's documentation:
    To help this stay in focus amongst all of Rick Olney's continued rants.

    Peanut has stated that all the links will be taken down in the "coming months". How delightfully open-ended!

    Hamster, J.R. (not Junior, Rick, you moron), Outsider, and others have done amazingly in keeping to focused stuff as this winds down. Please help!
    Love comics? Love humor? Love hot redheads (of both sexes?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lester C. View Post
    Matt Doc Martin has become the voice of reason.
    Quote Originally Posted by Corrina View Post
    People should listen to Matt.
    Every tax-paying citizen deserves the right to marry the person they love. Americans who vote to deny other Americans a right they themselves enjoy should have that right taken away from them.

    What do I think of you? In my head it is 10 minutes in the future and I am pissing on your corpse. Any other questions?

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    Screenshots, with comments when possible:

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    A Final Word About Rick Olney And Industry Predators In General

    In 2003, I was invited to a convention in Herkimer, New York, called the Mighty Mini-Con, by a man named Rick Olney.

    The convention was not a success by any standard, it was extremely poorly attended and it was clear that the organizer had no idea what he was doing. He was unfortunately lacking in every aspect a convention organizer needs to be proficient in to make an event work.

    I had been a guest at the Second Genesis Con in Portland, and at the massive SDCC event in San Diego previously, and had been treated very well, despite my relative newcomer status. Everything they promised, they delivered, with professionalism and integrity. So I was trusting, despite a couple friends warning me of Rick's instability and difficulties with the truth.

    Rick invited me, and when it came time to buy the tickets, he convinced me to buy them and he would reimburse me for my ticket immediately. (my husband was coming as well, and I did not ask for Rick to buy his ticket at any point). That was a lie. Then he said he would get the money to me before I left, that was a lie. Then he told me the money would be given to me at the con, that was a lie. Then he told me the money would 'beat me home,' and that, too, was a lie. He continued to withhold reimbursement for my ticket for many weeks...occasionally telling me the check was 'in the mail,' or some other excuse. He became increasingly paranoid and bizarre and threatening as I continued to ask for this money to be returned.

    During this time, Rick several times tried to float the idea that I would be given some kind of bonus, "for the inconvenience." I did not ask for these, and of course, they never arrived, either. My mother was in the hospital, and I simply needed him to keep his word. It wasn't until much later that I learned this is Rick's pattern for deception, but more about that in a minute.

    Weeks later, I received a check from Rick. It did not cover my entire airfare, let alone any of the 'bonuses,' he was going to include. I stress again, these 'bonuses' were his idea...he was going to send a hundred dollars to cover the money still owed from my ticket and for expenses we incurred because his credit card was declined after the convention...they hadn't booked us a hotel, and could not afford to buy a dinner we didn't even want at that point. He also claimed he was going to pay my husband's airfare, something I never asked for. When I make an agreement, I hold up my end. I didn't want 'bonuses,' I wanted him to hold up HIS end.

    TWO YEARS LATER, he still hadn't paid the remainder of my airfare. I have posted the emails here, a dozen times he told me it was coming, or it was in the mail, or that he had to 'get money from a special account.' After TWO YEARS, I told him to stuff the remaining money, and I simply never wanted to hear from him again. Because I told him to keep that money, RICK OLNEY DOES NOT OWE ME A DIME. I keep my word. I told him to keep his money. I would not accept it now if he grew a sense of decency and paid it.

    For three years after the con, I said nothing in public about Rick or the convention. I found his online behavior to be revolting...he was kicked off many of the industry's message boards for racism, tantrums, hostility and actual physical threats. Anyone questioning him became an enemy. At the board, his very NAME is literally can't post his name there anymore.

    Then he started a publishing imprint for comics, mostly featuring his own characters. And he immediately began running it the same way he ran his convention...with no knowledge, experience, talent, funding, or integrity. And very shortly, none of the people working for this imaginary vanity project were paid. A dozen creators have come forward, all telling the same story, that they did the work and were never paid. That in fact, they were insulted, bullied, threatened, and otherwise abused.

    At that point, I had had enough, and I started a thread warning people to stay away from this man. When professionals like Chuck Dixon and Val Staples are being called 'unprofessional' by a serial deadbeat with no idea what he's doing, it rankles. Several pros asked me for help, as they had put aside work with legitimate companies to work for Rick, and now it was clear he never had any intention of paying any of them, nor did he have the knowledge or funding to actually print the books.

    We were astounded by how many people came forward once people started comparing notes. Comic stores, vendors, artists, writers, Rick's own PR people, former members of his club, and convention guests all were telling the same story. That Rick has lied to them, bullied them when they talked about it, and threatened them physically or legally to get them to stay quiet. We never found a SINGLE creator who came forward and said that they had been paid on time, in full, by Rick Olney. Most were paid nothing, and never will be. He has repeatedly boasted joyfully that he will never be forced to do the right thing, even when, as is the case with writer Scott Reed, he is taken to court and loses.

    If you go back about twenty pages or so on this thread, you will see just a few of the emails and posts from creators and others who have unfortunately crossed this man's path. They all regret it. Rick has a backpack full of excuses for every one, none of which match the recollection of the witnesses and most of which is disproved in his own words by email. But the bottom line is, Rick never, ever paid most of these people.

    So for several years, we had a thread going, to warn people to avoid any and all of Rick's fanboy delusional projects. The idea was always to prevent people from getting shafted. When it became hard for Rick to wrangle savvy pros in his own country, he started talking with unpublished creators who didn't have any experience, then pros from other countries who might not be aware of his history, and eventually, I kid you not, convicted felons still incarcerated, to try to keep his fanboy dream going.

    Eight years later, none of the things he's roped these poor people in on have come to pass--No Mohawk Valley Comic Club, no haunted house attraction, no comic books, no conventions, no nothing.
    I kept this thread going for one reason--to try to make sure more unsuspecting pros are aware of Rick's long history of terrible behavior towards people in the industry. But for me, it's time to move on. There are many, many other people who have now spoken out about Rick's behavior, and there are many websites keeping records of all the people he's cheated. And at this point, if someone googles Rick's name, sees all the evidence, all the testimonials from people he has cheated, and they are STILL foolish enough to get involved with them, no amount of talking from me or anyone else is going to make a difference.
    The evidence is out there.

    Just a few posts ago, a poster posted a bunch of excellent links from various news sites that have reported Olney's broken promises in detail.

    Comics legend Tony Isabella warns everyone here:

    For a detailed run-down of a few of Rick's abuses of people who trusted him, J.R. LeMar has an excellent set of links:

    I thank all the people who have kept accurate histories of Rick's abuses, victims, and constantly changing bag of excuses. I particularly want to thank the many, many people who came forward with their own stories, despite physical and legal threats to keep quiet about his practices. A lot of positive things came from this thread, but the best possible outcome is that some people ended up NOT getting ripped off, lied to, abused and threatened. This was a case where the internet allowed people to compare notes, and find a long-time pattern, and hopefully warn others to avoid a similar fate.

    I am doing one more post, and then this thread will be shut down. There are many other sites that are keeping an eye on this man, and others like him, and they are probably more helpful to the potential victim than this one, as they present the facts without the conversation, distractions and occasional jocularity that sometimes took this thread over. I met some wonderful people here, so that's another unexpected and pleasant side effect. And I was reminded again and again that MOST people in the industry DO have integrity and ethics.

    One rotten example only makes the rest shine better in comparison.

    So thank you, everyone, and good night (after one last post!).

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    Re: Rick Olney: Still does not pay freelancers or anyone else.

    How To Spot Rick Olney When He Approaches You

    I thought it would be worthwhile to post the exact approach Rick uses to get what he wants without paying.
    If you somehow manage to disbelieve the dozens of firsthand testimonials of industry people regarding this man,
    if you choose to ignore their warnings, take a look at this list and see if it matches his behavior with you.

    Say you have something of use or value to Rick. It could be comics, it could be talent, it could be anything.

    STEP ONE: He flatters you beyond all reason. He proclaims himself to be your biggest fan. And he's going to be
    your benefactor...he's going to do everything in his power to make you get the recognition, money, or
    credentials you want. He finds what you want, and tells you he will supply it. But first, flattery, flattery, flattery.
    He uses this technique every time, and it is especially effective on people just breaking into the industry, or those
    who are aspiring to do so.

    STEP TWO: He tells you a huge sack of nonsense about his credentials, claims so ridiculous (and completely bull*&^%),
    that they somehow seem credible because no sane person would make them up. He tells you credentials he doesn't
    have...he's friends with Stan Lee, he invented the idea of comics in the classroom, his comic club had 1800 members
    and gave away 700000 comics, George Lucas named a character and toy after him in Phantom Menace, the film
    Iron Man II has a cameo character that is supposed to be him, half a dozen characters in comics are based on him
    or his club mascot, on and on and's endless. And most people do not have the resources or inclination
    to check these claims. So it SOUNDS like he actually is in the industry in some capacity. He isn't (and the claims
    are all false).

    STEP THREE: He promises you extravagant treatment. He will fly you out to his cons, pay for everything,
    you will be treated like royalty, paid an appearance fee, ride in town cars...or, if he's trying to get you to work
    for free, he will offer you a high page rate and lots of exposure. He has no capacity to do any of these things,
    ever. But he will promise them.

    STEP FOUR: He will lay out a long, long conspiracy theory where a few internet trolls are trying to ruin his good name.
    He will play the sympathy card will feel sorry for him. Until the moment you read dozens of firsthand
    accounts of people who have been told this same line of nonsense. Does it REALLY sound right to you that
    dozens of people have come forward, all telling the same story, and none were paid, and yet somehow,
    the response is all to try to crush some weird little man in upstate New York? Use your reason,
    read the testimonials. Look past the flattery and the promise of money you will NEVER receive.

    STEP FIVE: He will issue you a boilerplate contract that he got off the internet that has nothing
    to do with the industry and makes little sense in this context. An NDA will be included.

    STEP SIX: He will immediately begin breaking promises. Immediately. Pay dates will be missed. These
    will be blamed on a non-existent bookkeeper. He will have to 'draw from a special account.' He will
    tell you the check is in the mail. We all heard all those excuses. Sometimes he would forget which
    excuse he used last time and try it again weeks later with the same person. You will NOT be paid.
    His answer will always be for you to keep working. You've come this far, right? You are going
    to risk everything over a small amount of money? Keep working. He will have endless excuses,
    which will hinge on your human decency--he will have deaths in the family, illnesses, and other
    catastrophic problems. They won't stop him from having internet tantrums or telling people the
    check is in the mail when it isn't, all they seem to prevent is him keeping his word.

    STEP SEVEN: As it becomes clear that you are not getting paid, and you are yet another of his
    victims, he will start to show his true colors. He will start to threaten you, mildly at first. Threats
    to your career, legal threats. At this point, he is trying to bully you into work he hasn't
    paid for. He will use things he learned against you that you told him in confidence.

    STEP EIGHT: He will try stretching you along. This happens with everyone he abuses in this manner...
    he will offer some sort of bonus you didn't ask for, 'for the inconvenience.' Everything from
    t-shirts, to bonuses, to merchandise, to comics...he's going to be a magnanimous guy and
    even though you are being SO MEAN by not trusting him, just because he's broken every promise,
    he's going to be the bigger guy and give you this bonus. When he pays you. Which he never will.
    These bonuses never appear. But he will still tell people he gave them to you. For months,
    he told people he paid my husband's airfare to his con, when he hadn't even fully paid MY airfare.
    Then one day, he just admitted he hadn't, and tried out a new lie, that I had demanded he pay
    my husband's airfare. Just like that, like a switch was thrown, the old lie was discarded and a
    new one put in place. It's weird as hell. Don't fall for it.

    STEP NINE: Here, he will begin inventing hoops for you to jump through, additional steps to
    do before you will get paid. If you don't do them, you won't be paid. If you DO do them, you
    won't be paid, you'll just get more hoops. New paperwork he needs, he'll 'lose your email and
    contact info,' receipts he never asked for will need to be produced, additional fixes to the work,
    on and on. All delaying tactics. He told his former PR person, in public, that she just needed
    to sign an NDA to get paid. She said fine, I'll sign it. He immediately changed his mind, the NDA
    was worthless and she wouldn't be paid. Hoops, hoops, hoops. I don't know if he just likes
    sticking the knife in, or it's a delaying tactic. But it makes zero difference, you won't be paid.

    STEP TEN A: At this point you have the choice of either giving up and forgetting about it, in which
    case, you will never be paid, or going public about it, in which case, you will never be paid.
    If you don't go public, he will come up with an excuse not to pay you. He won't answer your
    emails or phone calls. You won't be paid.

    STEP TEN B: If you DO go public, he will use that as an excuse not to pay you. The NDA, which
    offers NO protection for a deadbeat employer who broke the contract, will be the excuse. But what
    if, like, say, Chuck Dixon, you were never given an NDA, you didn't sign an NDA, and the work was
    completed and accepted? You STILL will NOT be paid.

    STEP ELEVEN: Once you are on Olney's never-ending enemies list, there is no level he won't stoop
    to. He will insult, harass, threaten...he will use racist, homophobic and misogynistic language. He will
    issue physical and legal threats. Just last month he posted a smug mocking taunt to a woman who
    had stood up to him, over the DEATH OF HER HUSBAND AND CHILD. This is a man who will tell
    you endlessly what an honorable Christian man he is. He delighted in telling an artist who trusted
    him that he would never be paid, while that man's angelic baby daughter was in the hospital near
    the very end of her too-short life. He will try to embarrass and hurt you for daring to speak out
    about his non-payment and bad behavior.

    And you will never, ever, ever be paid.

    If anyone, not just Rick, but ANYONE in the comics industry treats you like this, WALK AWAY.

    They are poison. They can't help your career, and you aren't doing them any favors. They are not
    well-intended goofs.

    MOST people in comics are great. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in probably close to
    a hundred conventions and appearances and haven't had a single bad experience or dishonest
    promoter in the batch, EXCEPT for the Mighty-Mini Con, which I wish to God I had never agreed to

    MOST are great. Don't let one person make you think it's all bad.

    But BE AWARE. The internet allows you to communicate, to make sure a publisher or con organizer is on
    the level. Take that ten minutes, be wary of false flattery and promises, and you will save
    yourself endless misery later.

    Thanks, and good day!


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