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Thread: Gotta make Room for My Bowens!

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    Gotta make Room for My Bowens!

    When I bought my first Bowen piece (Yellowjacket mini bust), I never would have imagined that just a few short years later that I would have amassed the size of collection that I have (now standing, through those items on order, at 200 mini busts, 16 mini statues, and 54 full size).

    In my early years of collecting, I had also picked up a number of pieces from other manufacturers, principally Diamond Select, with a few others from Dynamic Forces, Sideshow, etc. Most of these have remained boxed, as I never did complete my display cases prior to "downsizing" (maritally and otherwise). Since then, I've become an all-but "Bowen snob", and it's time to "give up" on storing these pieces.

    All have been stored in my home (not an off-site storage facility!), with most having never been displayed. The "list" includes some pieces that may be of particular interest, specifically:

    Dynamic Forces Enchantress bust (only 300 made!);
    Art Asylum Hulk full size;
    Marvel Collectors Club (Neca) Psylocke statue (#339 out of 2,500);
    DF Earth-X Captain America statue AP (#44 out of 60);
    Hard Hero Captain America and Thor statues;
    D.S. "Jim Lee" X-Men statues (full set);
    D.S. Avengers and Adversaries statues (full set);
    D.S. Astonishing X-Men busts (including Colossus, K.Pryde, and E. Frost variants), and;

    I've bought tons of stuff off of e-Bay, but, frankly, don't have the time to burn to go through the auction process to sell these; besides, since joining here 9 months ago, I'd just as soon get these in the hands of bona fide collectors.

    If you have an interest in any of the above, drop me a PM and I'll send a list. Thanks, and . . . as you might imagine coinsidering the context of this message . . . Make Mine Bowen!!
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    Re: Gotta make Room for My Bowens!

    Dropped a PM to ya' - thanks...!
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    Re: Gotta make Room for My Bowens!

    I just sold a bunch of my diamond selects on ebay and actually made some money off them.

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    Re: Gotta make Room for My Bowens!

    We do not allow selling at Jinxworld.


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