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Thread: The Big Three........

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    Re: The Big Three........

    I don't care as long as I don't have to pay for it.

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    Re: The Big Three........

    Quote Originally Posted by patrickwm68 View Post
    I don't care as long as I don't have to pay for it.
    Which is pretty much impossible at this point.

    You're not immune from a massive hit to the Midwestern/Rust Belt economy and enormous worker lay-offs (something like 3 million jobs, if I recall) any more than you are a taxpayer-funded bailout.

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    Re: The Big Three........

    people keep saying that they should get the bail out because we dont want job losses. i cant rmrmber to many years that i havent heard in the news about the big 3 laying workers off. so bail out or no bail out, there will be job cuts. which does suck, i wish there was a way not to cut any jobs. but in order for the big threee to get many they need to reorganize which means job cuts too. the upside though is, that foreign companies building plants in the us means that there are jobs to be had there for anyone losing a job. i for one own a american car, i have never had a foreign car, i dont haver anything agaisnt them, but my dad fixes my cars and he knows more about american made cars. if a bail out could fix there problems i would be all for it, butits only a stop gap and we will have these same problems again. the uaw need to be done away with and started again, with the purpose of helping the workers not what they do know. which is get fat on the workers dime. too much money spent on lobby politicians to get there agendas passed

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    Re: The Big Three........

    no bail out. let them re-org under chapter 13.

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    Re: The Big Three........

    This is just the beginning. If they go through with this bail-out it will set the bar for many future bail-outs of other coprorations in the future. If the big three can't make fuel efficient cars that people want they deserve to go under.

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    Re: The Big Three........

    Quote Originally Posted by IronLantern View Post
    If they're not going to change how they do things, then what's the point fo bailing them out?
    This is the problem in a nut shell, isn't it. I understand the need for the bailout in theory, but I just don't believe in the people who will be given the money. What will they do with it? Will they make things better for their companies, will they misappropriate it? Will they put it into their already broken retirement system, and need more money soon? There isn't an easy fix for this situation, but I just don't believe that the proposed bailout will do any good, because the auto industries business model needs an "overhaul" so to speak, and a quick fix isn't possible IMO...


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