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Thread: I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

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    I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

    This morning while waiting on the corner for a cab to work this guy walks across the street, salutes to me and then sticks out his hand for me to shake it. I ignore him because I feel there's something not right about this.

    He stands next to me, droops his head with his arms hanging loosely on his sides. I start to walk away from him but he follows me without changing the position of his head and arms. I get freaked out now. My first instinct is to push the guy away but I'm scared the dude's got a knife or will just go crazy and start kicking the shit out of me, best not to provoke a nutter. So I walk around hailing cabs which refuse to take me to my desitination and this freakshow keeps following me.

    I get into an argument with a cab driver because he doesn't want to go where I want to go but he's mentioning landmarks I've never even heard of. I yell out that he must be confused and I look back and the zombie's gone. Vanished without a trace. I look around the street and can't see the guy at all.

    That freaked me out a hell of a lot. Probably either a drunk fuck or a nutter. Either way it was pretty creepy.

    Goddamn zombies!!
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    Re: I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

    Did he look like Bendis?

    When were you institutionalized?
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    Re: I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

    Maybe he was a nice guy, and you're just really mean.
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    Re: I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

    Most of my dreams the last few years center around surviving this kind of thing. Very lucid, epic dreams.

    I agree sir, I think it is upon us.

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    Re: I think the zombie apocalypse is upon us...

    You've got red on you.


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