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Thread: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by viva chazbot View Post
    Luke Wilson?
    What was the thing he was good in?

    What I mean is when a person plays/writes one character for an extended period of time, and then moves on to another project and is really "meh" I'm scared that'll happen to JK Rowling, for one thing.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Walrusshitclops View Post
    Look at Spiderman. Loser kid, given "great" responsibilities and power.
    Jack London wrote those kind of stories all the time, too.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Walrusshitclops View Post
    Look at Spiderman. Loser kid, given "great" responsibilities and power.

    What a stretch.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt O. View Post
    What was the thing he was good in?
    Bottle Rocket/Royal Tenenbaums were good. But all he plays is this grown up Holden Caulfield-type character. Except more pathetic than desperate.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Part 1 I just wrote for fun. I didn't expect it to go anywhere. the ending I came with on the spot and maybe it shows. It's me trying to write poise and as it became a more regular thing I switched to how I usually write but you know whatever.....

    Her name is Rachel, she’s only 21 years old and she’s bored out of her mind. It’s Friday night and she finds herself working in the Coffee shop she’s been working in since High School. She used to love working here because of the atmosphere and talking back and forth with the regular customers gave her a charge. The first time she swapped shifts with a fellow waitress to work nights she didn’t mind. Of course one night became two and two became three and then before she knew it she was working night shift permanently. She hates it because more often than not she’s alone. The coffee shop stays open 24 hours in an attempt to compete with the all night diners and the large franchises but Rachel personally knows it’s a pointless endeavour. When she finally got wise that she would be spending most of the night alone so she used the time to do University work. She’s studying Law and if she didn’t have to pay her fee’s she would probably risk leaving the coffee shop to find another one. Unfortunately she needs the job and couldn’t run the risk of not getting another one. Rachel could ask her father for money but she knows he would say no. So Rachel grinned and bared it and spent her evenings alone, until recently.

    For the past fortnight a man has been coming into the diner and sitting down at the furthest booth away. He always has his back to Rachel and sits in silence as he scribbles notes down. Rachel has never seen the mans face and all she can see is his blue trench coat and a fedora hat on the table. Once or twice Rachel considered approaching the man but she always got the vibe he wants to be left alone. He never asks for another cup of coffee but when Rachel goes into the stock room there’s always a fresh cup on his table and the money for it sitting on the coffee shop counter. It appears to Rachel that the man makes the coffee himself and then pays for it anyway. She never sees him arrive and never sees him leaving but he always leaves her a handsome tip. She’s not honestly sure how he manages to get in and out and make himself a cup of coffee in the short times she spends in the back doing some University work but he does.

    One night Rachel comes out of the back and the mysterious customer is once again there with the coffee mug in front of him and money for it on the counter. Rachel takes a deep breath and approaches the man’s booth and taps him on the shoulder. ‘Excuse me.’ Rachel asks ‘Can I can you anything?’ The man turns and Rachel can’t help but gasp when she sees the man has no face. ‘Everything’s fine.’ The man speaks in a deep low voice and it sends chills up Rachel’s spine. The man continues to stare as Rachel quickly back away and steps inside the store room. Rachel breaths heavily for a few moments and looks at the phone to her right and considers calling the police. Would they believe her? Why did that man have no face? Rachel’s father once warned her against dangerous men in the city and at the moment she’s terrified. Her shaking hand finally picks up the phone as she finally decides to call her father.

    Rachel curses under her breath when she only gets his answering machine. ‘Hello dad it’s me. I…..just called to see how you were. I love you.’ Rachel hangs up and hangs her head wondering why she couldn’t tell her father. He’ll know something is wrong from the tone in her voice but she just couldn’t tell him what the matter was. After a few more minutes gathering her composure Rachel slowly opens the door to find the coffee shop empty. She breaths a sigh of relief and then she sees a bigger tip on the counter than usual and starts to feel slightly guilty. The next night Rachel is doing her work in the back when she thinks she hears a noise. She opens the door and sees the man is back but this time he’s facing her. ‘Evening.’ says the man as he simply nods. Rachel takes a few deep breaths and approached the man swallowing hard.

    ‘No need for fear.’ These are the words the man speaks as Rachel draws closer and it actually scares her more. She stands in front of the man and swallows hard. ‘Can….can I….’ Rachel stutters as she speaks as the man watches her like a hawk. ‘Have a seat Rachel.’ Rachel is terrified this man knows her name and despite her instinct to run she sits down. ‘How…do you know me?’ Rachel asks nervously as the mystery man points at her chest. ‘Name badge.’ the man says as Rachel looks down and exiles a sigh of relief. ‘Who are you?’ Rachel asks and the man sits for a few moments before answering ‘They call me The Question.’

    Immediately for some reason she can’t explain Rachel begins to feel more relaxed. In fact she feels so relaxed she wants to ask a question that will either get her killed or will make her feel very awkward and embarrassed. ‘How… you drink the coffee with the mask?’ Rachel asks nervously as she immediately feels like an idiot. The Question sits silently for a few moments before responding with the words ‘Isn’t that the question?’ The answer draws out a nervous laugh from Rachel as she suddenly finds herself talking openly with a mystery man wearing a mask. After the fact she assumed she did it because in her law class they studied costume vigilantes and it fascinated her, that and she was so glad of the company. She was surprised how easy it was to talk to the Question, the man who merely sat listening through the night as his coffee got cold.
    As dawn hit Rachel actually felt disappointed in going home for the first time in months. Not only had she someone to talk to but she had a fascinating opportunity to spend time with a mysterious vigilante.

    The Question was getting up to leave when Rachel’s father entered the shop. ‘Rachel I came as soon as I heard your message I…’ her father stopped talking and stared at the Question as Rachel could suddenly feel a high level of hostility in the coffee shop. ‘Rupert Thorn’ the Question spoke matter-of-factly. Rachel seemed surprised that the Question knew her father and almost expected to find a name tag on her father. ‘Rachel come away from him immediately’ were the words emanating through her fathers mouth, full of rage and frustration. ‘Daddy what’s going on?’ Rachel asks her father as the Question walks up to him with his hands in the pockets of his trench coat.

    ‘Long time no see Thorn. See that you’re eating well as usual. Thought that maybe this was a front for one of your operations. Thought the girl was in on it, turns out she’s a nice kid. Who would have guessed?’ Thorn grits his teeth as the Question leaves as Rachel stares at her father. ‘Dad…what’s going on?’ Even when she finished the question Rachel knew she wouldn’t like the answer and all those nights spent by herself suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

    Second part was me picking up the ball and getting an idea of my head of the concept and where I wanted to go with the thing.

    Her name is Rachel, she’s 21 years old and she’s alone. All her life is a lie and the thing she’s most angry about is that she didn’t see it before. Rachel didn’t wonder why when she was a little girl her father didn’t come home some nights. Rachel never wondered why the police were always accusing her father of things she was told were lies. Rachel never even wondered about what she saw that night when she got out of bed and opened her fathers study to see him being questioned by a man dressed as a bat. All her life she lived in a bubble and did as she was told and only wanted to make her father proud. Rachel knows the real reason her father wanted her to be a lawyer; she was going to work for him. She was going to help him away with every filthy thing he ever did until her hands were as bloody as his. The ironic thing in all this is that the truth finally came to her courtesy of a man wearing a mask.

    She wasn’t sure why this encounter was any different than the rest of her life. All her life she’d been told that her father was a bad man and all he life she’d dismissed this. Then out of the blue the evidence was presented to her by a man she didn’t know and all of a sudden it was all so clear. This time when she sought out information about her father she didn’t see lies and concoctions of the press, all she saw was the truth. Her father was Rupert Thorn and he was one of the crime bosses of Gotham City. Her father rubbed elbows with psychopaths and seemed to laugh at authorities efforts to catch him. The only man who gave her father trouble, the only man that seemed to touch him was the Batman.

    For a year though the Batman was gone and it seems a different vigilante had started investigating her father. Rachel studied the headlines nearly all night as she read reports of raids on her fathers businesses both legitimate and not. The identity of this vigilante was unknown to the press but Rachel knew it was the man who had come in for coffee every night, the man she had never met before, The Question. Rachel didn’t know why she trusted him that night or how she knew he wasn’t dangerous but the fact was she just knew. After The Question left the diner she had a fight with her father, she didn’t want to hear any more of his lies and she left to begin her quest for the truth.

    Now she’s alone, she tried returning to her apartment but she saw only her father’s henchmen waiting for her. She sits on the curb a few blocks away knowing she can’t use any of her credit cards because it would lead her father to her. Rachel doesn’t want to be lied to any more; she would rather sleep on the street than face another lie. Rachel begins to sob when she hears someone walk up to her. ‘If you’re here to rob me I have no money.’ She says through her sobs. ‘Interesting you assume I am foe and not friend.’ Rachel looks up and sees The Question standing over her. ‘See you’ve finally learned the truth. Mustn’t blame yourself, all of us often accept lies. Lies make life easier, makes going to work worthwhile, lets you sleep well at night.’ Rachel stares up at The Question and sniffs and wipes the tears from her eyes. ‘What are you doing here?’ she asks. ‘What are any of us doing anywhere?’ The Question responds ‘Maybe what you should be asking is where you plan to sleep tonight. Young girl like you could be in serious trouble in a town like this.’ Rachel starts to feel slightly afraid and ask hesitantly ‘You won’t hurt me will you?’

    The Question gives a low chuckle that is barely audible before answering ‘Couldn’t even if I wanted to. You want to come with me or not? Not far to go to where I’m set up.’ Rachel stands and despite her better judgement follows The Question. She can’t explain her trust, she feels almost irrational as she follows The Question to a beaten old door. ‘After you.’ He states as Rachel cautiously opens the door and climbs a flight of stairs upto a small comfortable apartment with papers scattered round the door. ‘Hope this will do for now.’

    Her name is Rachel, she’s only 21 and she’s no longer alone.

    third part was the switch to my writing style

    Her name is Rachel, she’s only 21 and she’s staring at her food. The grumble in her stomach tells Rachel that she’s hungry but for some reason she can’t pick up her fork and start eating the meal presented to her. Rachel sits in a small fully furnished apartment with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a small living room and papers scattered everywhere. At the moment she sits at a small wooden table with her only company sitting across from her watching her intently.

    Rachel: Aren’t you going to eat something?

    The Question sits not with food in front of him but his hands locked together as he seems to be staring into Rachel’s very soul.

    Question: Not hungry at moment.

    For the past few days every day has been the same for Rachel. She’ll get up and make herself breakfast from the fully stocked fridge and she’ll spend most of the afternoon alone either watching television or reading the vast amount of books in the bedroom. Her companion The Question always arrives at 4.00 PM never a minute sooner and never a minute earlier. Rachel always hears him coming and she always opens the door eager for the company. Despite having more than enough food for both of them he never asks for any food and instead sits and watches her eat.

    Rachel: Why are you doing this?

    Question: Why am I doing what?

    Rachel: Why do always answer a question with a question?

    Question: Why do you never ask the right questions?

    Rachel raises her eyebrow and finally begins to eat her meal.

    Question: Your father has hurt a lot of people Ms. Thorn. Are you aware how many people he’s killed?

    Rachel pauses from taking another bite of her delicious meal, her appetite slowly fading away.

    Question: Have done my homework you know. Count well over 500 deaths that can be linked back to your father from here to Metropolis alone.

    Rachel: Stop it.

    Question: I am merely answering the question.

    Rachel picks up her plate and throws it across the room and as it smashes on the wall behind him the Question never moves.


    Question: If you had died the street due to exposure or rape or murder it would have been another death on your father’s hands. Couldn’t allow that, was only trying to help.

    Rachel sits back down and puts her head in her hands and sobs silently.

    Question: Didn’t mean to upset you.

    Rachel: It’s all so crazy! I’m supposed to be a Lawyer! I was top of my class I was going to….

    Question: Work for your father?

    Rachel uncovers her face and glares at the Question.

    Rachel: What are you getting at?

    Question: He wanted you in the family business Rachel. You were going to be a mob lawyer.

    Rachel shakes her head, the words of the Question not really making sense any more.

    Question: Sorry to be so blunt. Time isn’t on our side. For a year this city’s greatest hero disappeared, despite people still being here to watch over her your father’s grip on this city increased. Can you believe he actually ran for mayor?

    Rachel: I....voted for him.

    Question: Of course, he’s your father.

    Rachel: What do you want from me? I know you say you wanted to save me or whatever but really what is it about me that’s so special?

    Question: I need help to take your father down. I need someone who’s smart and resourceful. I need someone familiar with his organisation.

    Rachel: I’m not….

    Question: You may know more than you think you know. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

    Rachel: So what? I go from future mafia mobster to vigilante sidekick?

    Question: You get to help this city instead of helping to kill it Rachel. You can help out your father away for what he’s done. He lied to you for 21 years made you think good was bad, bad was good, up is down and down was up. I doubt you had even heard of me and I’ve met your father before that night in the diner.

    Rachel sits quietly for what seems like hours going over everything in her mind. Can she make a difference? Can she send her own father to jail? Can she trust a man she doesn’t know?

    Rachel: Okay, what’s the first step?

    Her name is Rachel; she’s only 21 and today is the first day of the rest of her life.

    Fourth part has the first appearance of a familiar DC face. My general rule for the Question stuff is no A-listers, B-listers AT BEST. A-listers are treated like the legends and myths that they are.

    Her name is Rachel; she’s only 21 and today is the first day of the rest of her life.

    Question: Try again. From the beginning.

    Rachel frowns as she lies on her comfortable bed staring up at the ceiling.

    Rachel: Do I have to?

    Question: Yes.

    Rachel: Can I have another look?

    Question: No.

    The Question sits a few feet away from the bed at the table with a file a hands reach away.

    Rachel: Okay here goes….The Falcone’s started it all. Before Vincent Falcone organised crime was a joke in Gotham. He made a name for himself by being ruthless, cunning and taking control of this city before he turned 23. He had everyone in his pockets, mayors, judges and yes the police. When he died of….supposedly natural causes his son Carmine ‘The Roman’ Falcone took over. Many people just thought he’d be a shell of his father but he’d already earned respect by surviving a hit courtesy of the rival Maroni family. From there he….he…..damnit! I’ve never had this. I’ve never looked at something and suddenly my brains gone on lockdown.

    Question: It’s because you think this is a waste of time.

    Rachel looks over at the Question with a look of confusion on her face.

    Rachel: That’s not true.

    Question: It is, no point lying.

    Rachel: Okay maybe a bit…..I don’t really see the point of me knowing all this.

    Question: You still don’t understand?

    Rachel: Nope can’t say as I do.

    Question: Let’s go for a walk.

    Rachel: A walk?

    Question: Yes walk, a verb describing steps from one foot to the other, with the weight being transferred from heel to toe.

    Rachel: Funny. Won’t my father be looking for me?

    Question: He’s got more important things to worry about.

    Rachel sits up and glares t the Question before standing and putting on a coat and opening the apartment door.

    Rachel: You really don’t have any idea how rude you are sometimes do you?

    The apartment door slams shut as the Question sits alone for a few moments.

    Question: Guess we’re going for a walk then.

    Rachel walks up a dark street alone as she feels a hundred eyes watching her at once. They can all tell she’s not from around here and keep glaring at her as the Question tries to catch up to her.

    Question: Mind if I join you?

    Rachel: I don’t care. Are you sure you don’t have more important things to do?

    Feeling the eyes go off her Rachel begins to relax slightly as she walking in silence for a few moments.

    Question: I’m sorry.

    Rachel: Do you mean that or are you just worried I’ll go running to daddy?

    Question: I mean it and I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.

    Rachel: Just tell me…no double meanings or crap, why do you need me to know that stuff? Why can’t the police deal with my dad? I’m free right? I can do what I like? Why do I have to run around playing detective?

    Question: Follow me.

    Arching her eyebrow in curiosity Rachel follows her mysterious friend over to a run down TV store with an iron fence guarding old TV sets with adverts playing.

    Rachel: What are you…?!

    Question: Just watch.

    Rachel watches the TV’s as suddenly a purple question mark appears on all of them.

    Voice: People of Gotham let me ask, what do you do when you can’t find an answer? The simple and somewhat lazy conclusion is to merely look for a different question.

    A man appears in front of the question mark wearing a green suit and bowler hat covered in black question marks.

    Man: Here at Riddler Incorporated that solution is now a thing at the past. I former criminal genius Edward Nigma have vowed to repay my debt to society by helping each and every one of you. For a modest fee all your questions can now be answered. What this means is no more waiting for caped crusaders who may or may not disappear for a year without rhyme or reason. It’s time for a real solution. It’s time to seek some answers. Call today at 1-800-Riddle. Operators are standing by.

    Once the advert ends Rachel turns to the Question with a look of confusion on her face.

    Rachel: I don’t understand.

    Question: That advert is shown more times a day than I can count. Millions of people see it a today and do you know what? They believe it. They call in and ask for that mans help while he takes their money.

    Rachel: What does that have to do with my dad?

    Question: Everything. The people of this city are being fooled by lies every day just like you where. I’ve opened your eyes and I want you to be ready Rachel.

    Rachel: Ready for what?

    Question: You’re going to help me open this city’s eyes. You’re going to help me clean up Gotham. You’re going to help me make this city safe again.

    Rachel: Why me?

    Question: You needed help.

    Rachel: So? Are you expecting me to help you as some kind of payback? Do it yourself.

    Question: Can’t.

    Rachel: You can’t?

    Question: No.

    Rachel: At least you’re giving me strait answers.

    Question: That is because you’ve finally started asking the right questions.

    Rachel: Can we try again? Can we go back and try again.

    Question: Only if you’re ready.

    Rachel: I’m ready just…try to be nicer okay?

    Rachel walks off leaving the Question looking in at the TV store.

    Question: Will do best I can.

    Her name is Rachel she’s only 21 and she’s only beginning to understand.

    the longest part yet and the first use of the flashback

    18 months Ago

    The camera wobbles slightly as the Question straitens it. Mumbling in frustration he finally gets it to sit still as he walks over to a desk in front of the camera and takes a seat.

    Question: I remember swearing I would never use these things. I read an article several years ago that the KGB were planning the use portable filming devices as a way of spying on everyday folk. Of course now that the KGB is supposedly gone everyone is perfectly happy to video themselves. I suppose it no longer matters if anyone can see me or not. If this tape is being watched it means I am dead and my plan has failed. In the morning myself and Renee are leaving for Kahndaq. At this time her training is going well but she’s still somewhat reluctant. I am optimistic that by the end that she will be ready. If plan B and plan C fail then she is my only hope to find out what is going on. It’s not coincidence you see something is very, very wrong in Gotham City. I was so close when I was diagnosed and now I’m forced to turn my attention to the future and making sure there are checks in place to ensure the investigation continues. Someone needs to ask the questions especially when our most famous heroes have decided to go AWOL with no sign of return. Will have to investigate disappearances further.

    The Question sits in silence for a few moments and clears his throat and takes off his fedora hat and rubs his hair.

    Question: Did you notice that? It’s getting worse. It’s just a matter of time now. In the event of my death and no sign of a replacement this tape is being sent via courier to Justice League headquarters….I just hope there’s a league there to watch this tape and look over the evidence I’ve provided in the package. I know what the evidence suggests but it’s vital you believe me or in 2 and a half years there might not be a Gotham city. Not one worth living in anyway. I suppose if this tape is destroyed or seen by the wrong people there’s always plan C.


    Her name is Rachel she’s only 21 and she’s only beginning to understand.

    Rachael: I don’t understand. Why couldn’t you drive its your van.

    Rachael sits at the wheel of a large grey van with the Question sitting beside her glancing out the window as buildings pass in the night.

    Question: Needed to be sure you could drive us away in a hurry.

    Rachael: Why would we be in a hurry? I thought you said this was….what did you call it?

    Question: Recon.

    Rachael: Right recon, right.

    Question: Nervous?

    Rachael: Hell yes! What if they recognise me?

    Question: They won’t.

    Rachael: What if they do?

    Question: They won’t.

    Rachael: How can you be so sure?

    Question: You went to school outside Gotham, at summer you stayed at home until you were old enough to work. You only worked in jobs your father checked out first. He wanted to be sure that you never found out about his extracurricular activities until he thought you were ready.

    Rachael: Wow you sound like a stalker.

    Question: Get that a lot.

    Rachael: How do I look?

    Question looks Rachael over in her lovely blue dress that looks like it cost a sum that would feed most small countries.

    Question: You’ll fit right in.

    Rachael: Right, okay here we go.

    Rachael takes a few deep breaths and opens her door and climbs out and closes it as she composes herself.

    Question: Remember if you think you’re in trouble at all get out of there.

    Rachael: Damn I was just starting to feel good about this.

    Question: Go.

    Rachael walks out of the alley where she parked the van and looks out at the well lit and extremely busy Iceberg Lounge.

    Rachael: Okay Gotham’s hottest club, no big. You can do this.

    Starting towards the club nerves start to overcome Rachael as she stands at the front of the line as people waiting yell at her for jumping ahead. The bouncer at the door lowers his sunglasses and looks her over.

    Bouncer: Name?


    Question: If you’r asked for a name give the doorman $500.

    Rachael: I don’t have $500.

    Question: Briefcase under bed.

    Rachael reaches under her bed in the Question’s apartment and pulls out a metal briefcase and opens it to see a large pile of money inside.

    Rachael: Wow where did you get all this.

    Question: Not important. Just smile and slip him the money.


    Putting on her best smile Rachael reaches into her handbag and puts her hand over the bouncer’s clipboard.

    Rachael: My names right here.

    The bouncer sees the money in Rachael’s hand and smiles as she takes her hand away and leaves the money.

    Bouncer: My mistake, come right in.

    The bouncer steps aside as Rachael walks into the club as the people who have been queuing for some time shout jeers at her. Inside the club there is beautiful music playing as people eat good food and dance around a water feature in the centre of the club that has a large piece of ice in the centre.

    Rachael: Wow.

    Waiter: Ma’am?

    Rachael is snapped out of her trance by the sound of a waiter standing next to her.

    Rachael: Oh sorry it’s my first time here.

    Waiter: Then I hope you enjoy your visit Ms.?


    Question: Use a fake name.

    Rachael: Like what?

    Question: Anything. Think on your feet.


    Rachael: Smith.

    Rachael winces slightly at her choice but the waiter doesn’t seem to notice.

    Waiter: Dining alone Ms. Smith?

    Rachael: Yup that’s me all alone.

    Waiter: Come with me then.

    The waiter leads Rachael over to a table close to the iceberg and takes out the chair for her.

    Waiter: Is this suitable.

    Rachael: This is great.

    Still looking round Rachael takes her seat as the waiter pushes her in.

    Waiter: Someone will bring you a menu shortly.

    Rachael: Thank you.

    The waiter leaves Rachael alone as she sighs and smiles.

    Rachael: Well so far so good….

    Carefully placing her purse on the table Rachael takes a quick look round.


    Rachael: So what am I looking for?

    Question: The owner’s office.

    Rachael: So what am I looking for in the office?

    Question: Evidence.

    Rachael: Evidence of what?

    Question: Anything.

    Rachael: You’re not being very helpful here. I’m going in blind.

    Question: You’ll do fine.

    Rachael: Says you…..


    Finally spotting the office Rachael smiles and gets up just as a handsome man walks up to her.

    Guy: Care for a dance?

    Rachael: No, sorry I have to erm….powder my nose.

    The guy raises an eyebrow as Rachael makes her way as discreetly as she can across the club but she bumps into the waiter on her way.

    Waiter: Is there problem?

    Rachael: Oh I…just wanted to stretch my legs for a bit.

    Waiter: Wait a minute…’re not what you seem are you….

    Rachael gets ready to run as suddenly the waiter smiles.

    Waiter: You’re the food critic aren’t you?

    Rachael: I’m the what now?

    Waiter: Oh of course you can’t say. Well then Ms. Smith have a good evening.

    The waiter winks as Rachael laughs nervously but continues on her way.

    Walking away and making sure noone is watching Rachael walks into the office and sighs and closes her eyes.

    Rachael: That was close.

    Voice: Who are you?

    Rachael opens her eyes and sees a man in a tuxedo sitting behind a desk glaring at her. The man is wearing a tuxedo and even sitting down Rachael can tell he’s quite short and podgy and can see his nose is extremely long. Despite her best efforts not to stare Rachael can’t help but take a quick glance now and then.

    Rachael: I..I…I

    Her name is Rachael she’s only 21 and her evening isn’t quite going to plan.

    This part is quite long due to long time between the last part and this part. I try to get one part up a month now.

    21 Months ago

    Booster Gold walks round Rip Hunter’s lab in awe at the organised chaos on display right before his eyes. He takes a few moments to examine the massive chalk board on display filled with several vague messages. Booster walks away from the chalk board as one message seems to stick out more than any other.

    ‘Don’t ask The Question, it lies.’


    Her name is Rachael she’s only 21 and her evening isn’t quite going to plan.

    Man: Well then, come out with it. Tell me who you are.

    Rachael fumbles for some sort of excuse but under the glare of the man behind the desk she finds nothing but stammers.

    Rachael: I…err…well..I…yeah…erm….

    Man: I hope you realise young lady that this is a private establishment and I have the right to eject you if I feel the need to do so. I suggest you take your leave before I call my security.

    Happy to have an excuse to retreat Rachael heads for the door but it opens without her even touching it. On the other side is the waiter Rachael encountered in the restaurant.

    Waiter: Ah Mr. Cobblepot I see you’ve met our guest.

    Rachael seems unsure what to do as the man called Mr. Cobblepot crosses his eyes in confusion.

    Cobblepot: Guest? What guest?

    The waiter nods towards Rachael who tries to put on her best fake smile hoping it works.

    Cobblepot: I’m not sure I understand I thought she was an intruder.

    Rachael: Intruder? Little ol me? No Mr. Cobblepot my name is…Grace Smith. I’m here from the Gotham Gazette to review the food you have on offer.

    It seems to happen in slow motion as Rachael fears her lie won’t work but before her eyes the face of the man behind the desk changes instantly.

    Cobblepot: My dear you should have said! I apologise for my abruptness but men such as I have many enemies you know.

    Rachael: I find it hard to believe Mr. Cobblepot.

    Rachael starts a fake laugh which Mr. Cobblepot joins in on. Knowing she’s doing a fake laugh herself Rachael finds it easy to tell that her new friends laugh is just as false.

    Waiter: I just called in to tell you Mr. Nigma is here.

    Cobblepot: Excellent! Show him in and myself and this fine young lady can all have dinner. Have you heard our fish is the best in town my dear?

    Rachael can’t help but be amazed by her hosts immediate change in personality but manages to keep it from showing on her face.

    Rachael: That’s what I’m here to judge.

    Cobblepot: Oh of course how silly of me.

    Rachael: Forgive me for my earlier shyness. I’m rather new at this.

    A little lie mixed with the truth never hurts Rachael tells herself.

    Cobblepot: I thought I didn’t recognise you. Tell me how are thing’s at the Gazette these days? I used to make the front page quite regularly in my younger days you know.

    Rachael manages another fake laugh since she has genuinely no idea what her host is referring to.

    Cobblepot: Ah Edward there you are. I want you to meet the Gotham Gazette food critic Grace Smith.

    Rachael turns towards the door to see a tall man wearing an emerald suit decorated in black question marks. She immediately recognises him from the commercial she saw only a few nights ago.

    Edward: My, my what have we here?

    Rachael’s first instinct is to recoil. She’s had this feeling several times in her life when she would meet a man she could only describe as ‘sleazy’ or ‘creepy’. As if his very touch would infect her with some horrible disease. Knowing however she can’t do that this time Rachael tries her best not to shudder as Edward puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Edward: You look familiar have we met?

    Rachael: I don’t think so.

    Rachael fights the urge to throw up all over Edward’s jacket.

    Edward: Of course you’re right. I would have remembered meeting a stunning creature such as yourself.

    Cobblepot: That’s enough I think Ms. Smith is eager to try our prize winning fish.

    Edward: Of course.

    Finally Edward removes his hand and walks over to the door and holds it open for Rachael. Knowing she needs to stay in the office alone Rachael fires off the best excuse she can think of.

    Rachael: Mr. Cobblepot before I leave this office I need to see some of your records.

    Cobblepot: I beg your pardon?

    Starting to lose her nerve Rachael gets the next sentence out of her mouth hoping it sounds convincing.

    Rachael: I just need to see where you get your food from. I want to make sure the customers are getting their moneys worth.

    Mr. Cobblepot raises his eyebrow and for a moment Rachael is convinced he won’t buy it.

    Edward: We need to discuss business anyway Oswald. Let us leave Ms. Smith to her duty.

    Rachael again offers her best smile as Mr. Cobblepot grumbles something before leaving the office.

    Edward: We’ll be waiting for you.

    The office door closes and Rachael exhales as if she’s been holding her breath for hours.

    Rachael: Man this is hard.

    With a concrete alibi in place Rachael starts looking through Mr. Cobblepots files without fear of being caught. She scans through them quickly as she lets out loud the one constant thought going through her mind.

    Rachael: How am I supposed to find something when I don’t know what I’m looking for?

    Then Rachael sees some financial projections in one of the folders which she takes out and then looks round the office.


    Rachael: So when I find these files what do I do then?

    Question: Owner should have copy machine. Use that and put the files back.


    Rachael sees a copy machine and starts copying the financial documents keeping her eye on the door. After she’s done Rachael folds up the copy’s and puts them in her handbag as she replaces the files where she found them. Taking another brief glance Rachael doesn’t see anything else of interest so closes the records and stands up and pries the office door open. She sees Mr. Cobblepot and Edward sitting at a table together laughing as they share some champagne as she sees an empty third seat.

    Rachael: Oh great.

    Hoping for a miracle Rachael gets one as a female singer takes to the stage of the Iceberg Lounge and begins to sing. All eyes turn to the singer as the lights dim and Rachael can’t help but smile. Making her way out of the office Rachael moves towards the front door as discreetly and as quickly as possible. In order not to be seen Rachael even shares a dance with several men on the way to the front door all the while keeping her eye on Cobblepots table.

    Dancer: What’s your name?

    Rachael looks at the man she’s dancing with for the moment. A man with dark hair and handsome features smiles at her and for a few moments Rachael forgets her agenda.

    Rachael: Wow.

    Dancer: I’m sorry.

    Rachael: I’m Rachael..Grace. I’m Rachael Grace.

    The man raises his eyebrow as he twists Rachael around as they both move towards the exit.

    Man: Nice to meet you Rachael Grace.

    Rachael: I didn’t catch your name.

    Surprise flashes across the mans eyes as Rachael spots the exit.

    Dance: Bruce Wa….

    Rachael: Sorry got to go, I left my car motor on.

    Rachael leaves the man and walks out the exit and makes it across the street over to the Questions van. Leaning against the van Rachael pants exhausted on the side of the van.

    Rachael: Well…that was fun.

    Rachael looks in the driver’s seat of the van to see the front empty. Looking round Rachael starts walking round the van for the Question.

    Rachael: Question?

    Rachael starts to panic as she circles the whole van with no sign of her friend.

    Question: Looking for someone?

    Rachael gasps and jumps back slightly as she looks up at the Question sitting in the passenger seat of the van.

    Rachael: Where did you go?

    Question: Been here whole time.

    Rachael glares at him then shakes her head and laughs.

    Rachael: Man I must be stressed.

    Rachael walks round the other side of the van and climbs in and puts it into gear.

    Question: What did you find?

    Rachael: I’m not too sure. I didn’t get a good look.

    Question: Where there problems?

    Rachael nearly laughs at the ridiculousness of the question but merely smiles.

    Rachael: Nope, no problems.

    After returning to the small apartment Rachael puts the files she copied on the table and stretches.

    Rachael: Man I could kill for a shower.

    Question: Impressive work.

    Rachael: Is it?

    Question: You got documentation over who owns the Iceberg lounge.

    Rachael: I thought it was that Cobblepot guy.

    Question: Yes but there are other partners. Some named, some not.

    Rachael: Is that important?

    Question: That is the question.

    Rachael sits on her bed and watches the Question as he looks down at the files she retrieved.

    Rachael: Can I see your face?

    The Question immediately looks up at Rachael.

    Question: Why?

    Rachael shrugs unable to say that the request had been burning at her for days.

    Rachael: I wanted to see what you looked like.

    Question: That….isn’t possible.

    Rachael: Why?

    Question: My identity is secret.

    Rachael: Who am I going to tell?

    Question: Just trust me on this. You don’t need to see my face.

    Rachael: Trust you?

    Question: Trust me don’t you?

    1 Month Later

    Rachael: You liar! Your nothing but scum! I thought you were my friend! I hate you! I HATE YOU!


    Rachael: Of course I trust you.

    Her name is Rachael she’s only 21 and so far she’s fooled.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by viva chazbot View Post
    Jack London wrote those kind of stories all the time, too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt O. View Post

    What a stretch.
    There is more.

    -Surrogate parents.

    -A criminal that defines into what he is going to be.

    -the girl who gets killed by a guy who dresses up like a goblin.

    -An octopus man.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    More of Rachael's past in this one as the 'center' of the first storyline makes himself known

    21 Years Ago

    Rupert Thorn bursts through the hospital doors followed closely by two large well dressed men. A young nurse cautiously approaches Thorn as he scans the sea of humanity filling the halls of the hospital.

    Nurse: Can I help you sir?

    Rupert: My wife is here I want to see her.

    Nurse: Visiting hours are….

    Thorn turns and stares down at the nurse as his eyes pierce through her.

    Rupert: I didn’t ask for permission.

    The nurse briefly considers alerting the security but then she sees one of the two men with Thorn reach into his jacket and flash her a grin. She’d lived in Gotham all her life, she knew what that meant.

    Nurse: What ward?

    Rupert: Maternity.

    Moments later Thorn walks into a room where his wife holds a baby in her arms covered in a pink blanket. Despite looking exhausted Thorn’s wife still maintains some of her natural beauty. Her strawberry blonde hair compliments her sparking blue eyes perfectly as she looks down at her new daughter.

    Rupert: Amanda I’m sorry I….

    Amanda: You’re late. Late for your own daughters birth.

    Rupert: It won’t happen again.

    Amanda: Since she’s going to be only born once I do find that doubtful.

    Rupert: Can I see her?

    Amanda offers the child to her husband who smiles as he gently takes his daughter into his arms. Thorn looks down at the sleeping baby and to him everything in the world seems to melt away.

    Rupert: She’s beautiful.

    Amanda: Were you working for Falcone again?

    Rupert: It’s only temporary.

    Amanda: Why don’t I believe you?

    Rupert: I’m a man of my word darling.

    Amanda: For how long? He’s a criminal Rupert, is that what you’re going to be?

    Rupert: No.

    Amanda: This town…it changes people, makes them into something….evil. The real kicker is that if the few good people suffer the most. Like the Wayne’s. Shot down in some dirty alley for just trying to help this city.

    Rupert: Things will change. Trust me.

    Amanda lets a tear run down her cheek but Thorn is too focused on the baby to notice before she wipes it away.

    Rupert: What will we call her?

    Amanda: Rachael, I want to call her Rachael.

    13 Years Ago

    Young Rachael holds her teddy bear tight as she hears the raised voices. She looks round her massive bedroom for any sign of comfort but all she finds looking back at her are the empty eyes of her stuffed animal friends. The voices she hears are her mother and father. They fight most nights and don’t speak to each other during the day. She’s too scared too ask what’s wrong so like any child would she assumes her parents fight over her. She slowly gets out of bed and opens her bedroom door and creeps along the hallway as the voices become clearer.

    Amanda: Well I know what a promise from Rupert Thorn is worth don’t I?!

    Rupert: If I didn’t do these things where do you think we would be? Look at what we have now! I owe it all to Carmine Falcone!

    Amanda: I hate that man.

    Rupert: Amanda you don’t understand. We already have so much but we could have so much more….

    Amanda: More! More! That’s all you want!

    Rachael walks into the living room as she watches her mother drink from a green bottle as her father stands by a fireplace.

    Amanda: What about Rachael? What kind of life is this to grow up in? Do you know I have nightmares? Every night the same one! Our daughter kidnapped by the Maroni’s or someone worse! Her cold body coming back to us and….

    Rachael starts to cry drawing her parent’s attention. Only a little girls crying fills the large living area for a few moments until Amanda rushes over to comfort her daughter.

    Amanda: Its okay sweetie its okay.

    When she remembers this night Rachael will choose to remember it as a nightmare.

    3 Years Ago

    Rachael walks in from the rain with a smile on her face. The hour is late and she’s excited as she holds her results in her trembling hand. For the past few years she’s spent her time at the best school in Metropolis. All along she got good grades and made her father proud but now she has enough grades to get into any university she wants. She had always wanted to go to Harvard and study law and she was sure her father would allow it. Her father wasn’t expecting her; she’d gotten a late plane back to surprise him. It was dark outside and she was soaked with rain. As she approached her fathers study she heard him talking but to Rachael’s horror she realised her father was afraid. Opening the door slightly Rachael couldn’t help but gasp. Her father was being attacked by a large dark creature of shadow. He was being pressed down on his desk as the creature leered over him like the spectre of death.

    Rachael: Please…I don’t know anything else I swear.

    Shadow: Wrong answer. Where’s the Penguin? I know your supplying him with the arms he needs.

    The shadow’s voice is cold and it makes Rachael shiver as she opens the door. Her father turns to her as does the shadow and for a moment Rachael is very afraid.

    Rachael: Let him….let him go. I’ll call the police.

    All her life Rachael had heard rumours of monsters in Gotham but she had been living in Metropolis for years and the idea sounded preposterous.

    Rupert: Please…not in front of my little girl.

    Shadow: You have 24 hours.

    Lightning strikes as the shadow seems to disappear leaving Rachael and her father alone.

    Rachael: Dad?


    Rachael: He told me the shadow was a criminal come to rob him.

    Question: Believed him?

    Rachael: Of course I did. He was my dad.

    Rachael and the Question sit opposite each other at the small dinner table in the small comfortable apartment.

    Question: Your mother. Where was she?

    Rachael: Drank herself to death. I blamed myself.

    Question: Why?

    Rachael: I don’t know…just did.

    Question: Better watch your speech. Starting to pick up bad habits.

    Rachael smiles slightly. For the last hour she’s been sharing her life with a man she hardly knows and she’s not sure why.

    Question: So Thorn sent you to Metropolis.

    Rachael: Yeah he even made me go to law school there. I never understood why he never just let me go to Harvard.

    Question: To keep you in the dark. Staying here or going to most schools would likely lead to you learning the truth. Metropolis hardly has time to do reports on crime lords when they have their own messiah.

    Rachael: I pretty much lived in Metropolis for 10 years and I never saw him you know. Always just missed him.

    Question: Not missing much.

    Rachael: You know Superman?

    Question: Yes.

    Rachael: Really?

    Question: Yes.

    Rachael: Get out.

    Question: Can’t, being watched.

    Rachael: By who?

    Question: Everyone.

    Rachael: You’re a bit strange.

    Question: You’re catching on.

    Rachael: So…….you had a look through those files yet?

    Question: Have you?

    Rachel: A strait answer. Just once.

    The Question just sits there as Rachael sighs and nods.

    Rachael: Yeah I took a look.

    Question: Anything of interest?

    Rachael: Contracts and lots of them.

    Question: Meaning?

    Rachael: Lot’s of legal mumbo jumbo. At first glance I can see this lounge place has 4 owners. The public one Cobblepot and 3 silent partners.

    Question: 4 owners? More than expected.

    Rachael: How many did you expect?

    Question: Less than 4.

    Rachael: So I’m guessing you have thoughts on who the silent partners are?

    Question: Some.

    Rachael: Care to share.

    Question: 4 partners, each with their own part to play in the new game. The Penguin….

    Rachael: Penguin?

    Question: He’s the surface owner. Seemingly gone strait and only offering the best entertainment to Gotham’s finest. To the casual observer he’s out of the crime game. The Riddler….

    Rachael: Riddler?

    Question: Is being used to project a false image that all is well in Gotham. That a villain can change. He’s merely a distraction.

    Rachael: I suppose my father’s in here as well.

    Question: Well done. Thorn is their connection too the underground but his power has been challenged over the last 2 years by a new player.

    Rachael: That would explain why he’s been so stressed out. So is this new one the 4th partner?

    Question: No. I suspect the 4th one is someone to be afraid of.

    Rachael: Are we danger?

    Question: Possible.

    Rachael: Maybe I should start looking into buying a gun.

    Question: Should be easy in this town. There’s money under the bed.

    Rachael raises her eyebrows before turning and kneeling down and reaching under the bed and bringing out an old brown briefcase. She opens it and gasps as money pours out of it.

    Rachael: How much is here?

    Question: Never bothered counting.

    Rachael: Why not just leave Gotham with this money?

    Question: Got a job to do. Do you want to leave?

    Rachael: No.

    Question: Good let’s start asking around.

    As Rachael closes the case across town another slightly newer case opens up. The Penguin grins down at the money as Rupert Thorn and Edward Nigma stand on either side of him.

    Thorn: How much is there?

    Penguin: Over 200 grand. It’s just 2 weeks takings. It’s a good month.

    Edward: Is it enough?

    All three men look to another man wearing a long brown trench coat and whose face is covered in bandages.

    Man: It’s a start.

    His Name Is Hush. He’s Been Dead For Two Years. He’s Feeling Better.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    J Jonah Jameson is really Ebeneezer Scrooge

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    This is us upto date. Next part sometime this weekend

    22 Months Ago

    Vic Sage looks down at his mask as it lies in his hands. He’s the worn the mask for years but for the first time he really realises how it reflects his life.

    Vic: Are you sure?

    Vic sits on a small white surgical bed as he leans against the sterile white walls of the room he finds himself in. The only other thing in this small room is a man wearing a young man wearing a white coat with a blue costume underneath.

    Man: You really should go to a doctor to confirm.

    Vic: I’ve already seen plenty of doctor’s.

    Man: Then you know the prognoses.

    Vic: Death isn’t exactly easy for me to accept Ted. Think of the world we live in. We all buried Superman so many years ago but he’s still here today.

    Ted Kord frowns as he looks at the results of the CT scan in his hands. He holds up the scan to the light as he glares at the white spot on the right side of the lungs.

    Vic: How long?

    Ted: I’m not a doctor Vic I’m just a big brain. I really don’t know why you’ve come to me.

    Vic: Heard you were clever, resourceful. Thought you might be able to help for old time’s sake.

    Ted: Don’t be like that….

    Vic: Sorry, just tired.

    Vic rubs his eyes as Ted study’s the scan again.

    Ted: You’re in good shape otherwise?

    Vic: I keep myself very busy so yes.

    Ted: With chemo you might have over a year. I would recommend you going somewhere with some fresh air; it might buy you a few more months.

    Vic: So you don’t know of a cure.

    Ted: If I found the cure for cancer I wouldn’t have spent so many years on get rich schemes with Booster.

    Vic: So I’m going to die.

    Ted: We all die sometime. For all I know I’ve got a bullet with my name on it waiting right round the corner.

    Vic: Will there be any symptoms?

    Ted: Haven’t you already talked this over with someone?

    Vic: I want to hear it from you.

    Ted: You mentioned tiredness and that’ll get worse. You might also find lapses in memory occurring. In the later stages you may even lose all concept of time and think your maybe in other places at different points in your life. Your speech may also be slightly affected.

    Vic: How?

    Ted: It may become clipped and sentence fragments may increase as your condition worsens.

    Vic: Great.

    Ted: Have you tried checking in with other scientists in our….business?

    Vic: Already seen several including Dibney and Hawkins.

    Ted: What about Batman?

    Vic: Unavailable.

    Ted: Never around when you need him.

    Vic puts on his mask and gets off the table and turns round and picks up his grey overcoat and fedora which had been sitting behind him.

    Ted: Where are you going?

    Vic: Got a few more names to check out. Thanks for your time Ted.

    The Question heads towards the door and leaves as Ted now stands alone.

    Ted: Man….at this rate soon there won’t be many of us left.


    His Name Is Hush. He’s Been Dead For Two Years. He’s Feeling Better.

    Hush: ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’

    Hush stands on the edge of a tall building holding the foot of a scrawny informant.

    Informant: Let me go! You’re nuts man! Nuts!

    Hush: I just want to let you know I really enjoy this. I enjoy it and I’ve gotten really good at it.

    Informant: Let me go! I don’t know nothing! I’m no snitch!

    Hush: ‘We are what we repeatedly do.’

    Informant: Aww man stop firing that crap at me and just let me go.

    Hush: Where is Rachael Thorn?

    Informant: Who?!

    Hush: Rachael Thorn, tell me where she is. One of my associates is looking for her.

    Informant: Never heard of her.

    Hush: I’m losing my grip.

    Informant: Okay! I heard of her! All I know is she ran away from her old man and hasn’t been seen since! Please believe me!

    Hush releases the informant and stands staring into the night as he falls to the ground yelling out until the crunch of bone silences him.

    Hush: ‘Liars when they speak the truth are not believed.’

    Elsewhere in the city Rachael sits eating some food as she watches the TV in her small but comfortable apartment. She nearly finishes as an emergency broadcast flashes across the screen.

    Newscaster: We interrupt this program to bring you a breaking story. Mob boss and millionaire Rupert Thorn who several months ago was mysteriously acquitted of all his past crimes reports that his only daughter is missing.

    Rachael nearly chokes as she sees her father’s face fill the TV screen.

    Thorn: I will admit it hasn’t been easy for Rachael. In the past I let other priorities get in the way of her well being and that was my mistake. I can only hope now that once I find her that she can forgive me. I only hope she is staying away out of anger and not because one of the many monsters in this city has gotten to her.

    Several reporters start asking Thorn questions but he simply brushes them away with a wave of his hand.

    Thorn: To help in the search of my daughter and to make sure she gets home safe I have hired well know private detective Edward Nigma!

    The reporters explode into questions again as Thorn steps aside as Nigma steps in front of the reporters.

    Edward: All I’m going to say is that finding Ms. Thorn safe and sound is my top priority. To me this isn’t about the money, its reuniting a father and his daughter and that is far more rewarding. Then again the money doesn’t hurt does it?

    The reporters laugh as Rachael sits staring at the television dumbfounded.

    Question: Hope didn’t make you lose your lunch.

    Rachael jumps slightly as she glances over to her door as the Question stands beside it glaring at the television.

    Rachael: I didn’t hear you come in.

    Question: Not many people do.

    Rachael: My dad is looking for me.

    Question: Want to be found?

    Rachael: No way.

    Question: Having Nigma digging around will cause complications.

    Rachael: Oh god what if he recognises me from the club?

    Question: Would be willing to bet he wasn’t concentrating on your face.

    Rachael: Ew.

    Question: No fear, it’ll be dealt with.

    Rachael: How?

    Question: We’re going to give them exactly what they want of course.

    Her name is Rachael, she’s only 21 and she’s very confused.

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    Re: Ray's 5th Official DCU Megathread - Unto Man Shall Come a Great OOMPH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by viva chazbot View Post
    J Jonah Jameson is really Ebeneezer Scrooge
    He could be.

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