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Thread: Jesus Camp

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    Re: Jesus Camp

    For those of you who have limited experience with charismatics..

    I grew up SURROUNDED by them. I mean deep in the heart of Pentecostal country where the faith and its practice are pervasive, and have a constant influence on your life and interaction with others, even if you are not a believer.

    I cannot even begin to convey what is was like, and I cannot emphasize enough
    how I was basically floating in a sea of holy rollers. Most of you cannot even begin to comprehend what it was like, it truly is something you have to experience to understand.

    I lack the eloquence to suitably convey it. Really, words fail.

    And no, it was not pleasant. At all. Probably one of the reasons I have a few anger management issues and some hostility that sometimes escapes.

    And no, my family was not religous. My dad's family are Easter/Christmas Catholics, as is half my mothers family. The other half are Jewish, and my parents have never displayed anything other than a rather embarrassed disdain for organized religion.

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    Re: Jesus Camp

    Quote Originally Posted by RandyOni View Post
    The crying and emotional pain of some of the children definitely makes me think it is abuse.
    That is what pushes my buttons as well. The needless mental pain and anguish that seems imposed upon these kids. It might be abuse, but just not in the traditional sense that we think of. More of an emotional, guilt-complex abuse.

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    Re: Jesus Camp

    I experienced a more benign form of what those kids went through and it sucked. The movie was truly disturbing and I felt really bad for the kids in it. You can recover from that crap though.


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