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Thread: Assistant Editor opening at Marvel

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    Re: Assistant Editor opening at Marvel

    Holy crap.

    Spidey's qualified for this. He's got his Masters in Education and a BA in English...and he lives to write. *forwards to e-mail*
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    Re: Assistant Editor opening at Marvel

    Quote Originally Posted by ClintP View Post

    Thank you for submitting your resume. We're sorry, but due to your high volume (more than 1) of DC Comics purchases this year, you are no longer qualified. And to think, we were going to pay for you $60k/year as well as moving expenses, personal phone, 401k, insurance, and unlimited free Marvel Comics.

    Thank you for your interest, but no thanks.
    Wow! They're pretty damn strict! The only one I can remember buying regularly right off the top of my head is Y, and that's Vertigo so it doesn't technically count does it? I did buy the first issue of 52 to see what the fuss was about, but I didn't like it...and I threw it away right after!

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    Re: Assistant Editor opening at Marvel

    So I need a B.A. to get the gig?


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    Re: Assistant Editor opening at Marvel

    I'm pretty sure this was posted a few weeks ago, shortly after the Andy Schmidt announcement was made. I checked with a Marvel contact at WW Philly, and he said they were down to the last two candidates.

    Nevertheless, I just applied for the second time. One can never be too sure.


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